New thinking


More than a slogan – the new stance of RBI!


The first half of the year was one of restructuring and a fresh start. We have repositioned our bank in many areas so we can work better and more efficiently for our customers in the future. This repositioning also called for a new way of thinking at RBI. We asked ourselves how we want to be perceived in the future. What values RBI should be associated with in the future. And how to achieve the added value that makes us unique for our business customers. Unlike any other Austrian bank, we can build on a valuable foundation of tradition, security and extensive international expertise. RBI sees itself as a "relationship bank", offering to its customers a bridging function across to its CEE network.

We are always looking for individual solutions and innovative products that make the financial management of our customers more efficient.


Global Account Management System


Our Global Account Management System (GAMS) offers the advantage to international customers that they are serviced in all their cross-border transactions by one account manager exclusively.
Our digital innovations will continue to go hand in hand with personal service in the future.


Vorstand RBI

RBI’s Managing Board:Peter Lennkh, Andreas Gschwenter, Klemens Breuer, Johann Strobl, Martin Grüll, Hannes Mösenbacher


A movie series with thinkers from different future sectors.



RBI continuously reviews the quality of its service and is always working on finding new solutions. That’s what we understand by the motto "New thinking", which you will be encountering from now on in both our analogue and digital communications. It’s a claim we want to actively maintain through new content. "New thinking" is not a slogan but an attitude that places shared success with our customers at the heart of all our deliberations.

At the beginning is a new series of films with thinkers from different future-oriented industries – we start with geneticist Markus Hengstschläger.


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