Raiffeisen in Hungary


  • Balance sheet total: € 7.04 billion
  • Number of employees: 1,993
    (as of December 2017)

Founded as Unicbank in 1986, Raiffeisen Bank Zrt. is one of the largest banks in RBI’s network. At the end of 2017, the local Raiffeisen group had more than 540,000 customers and 71 business outlets. The figure includes private individuals and small enterprises, as well as large and medium-sized corporate customers, for all of which Raiffeisen Bank offers the full range of banking services.

Private Banking (under the trademark Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen) provides specialized services to the bank’s high-value private individual customers.


International Desk
Gáspár TISZAI Gáspár TISZAI 

Raiffeisen Bank Zrt.
Akadémia utca 6
1054 Budapest

Phone: +36 1 484 4421
Fax: +36 1 484 4444

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