Security has top priority for Raiffeisen Bank International. Data from customers and partners are treated with utmost care. To ensure trust in its professional services, RBI has implemented several technical and organizational measures. The rapid changes in technology and its open nature require constant adaptation and improvement of security measures from a technical as well as an organizational point of view. The attached document provides an overview of what is being done at RBI to protect information as well as technical infrastructure.

Technical and Organizational Measures

Safeguarding our electronic communication

RBI takes protecting the exchange of information via e-mail seriously. As of October 1st 2019, external electronic mails will be transmitted exclusively via secure and encrypted channels by enforcing Transport Layer Security (TLS).
To ensure no interruption of electronic communication between RBI and recipients of your domain, your IT administrators may need to configure TLS on your e-mail servers. Please forward this information to them. In case your mail servers are already fulfilling TLS requirements, no further action is needed.
Please contact in case you have further questions regarding this approach.
Technical information
RBI will set up "TLS enforce" on its e-mail servers, which means that e-mails from RBI’s environment will only be delivered to your servers if a TLS connection is used.
The pre-requisites needed for TLS are:
  • Valid certificate on the E-mail server
  • TLS Ciphers configured
  • TLS 1.2 (and above) is a must
Please configure these settings by end of September to ensure continuity in e-mail delivery and secure communication between RBI’s mail servers and yours.