Organisational sustainabilityis firmly fixed on four levels. In detail: the Managing Board Level, the management and programme level as well as the local implementation level and the levels of initiatives and memberships relevant to sustainability.


Group Sustainability Management

The group-wide management of the sustainability agendas and coordination of the operational implementation is assigned
to the Group Sustainability Management Department. This is supported by representatives from specialized units and business areas as well as the Sustainability Officers at the network banks. The latter act as an interface between the Group Sustainability Management Department at head office in Vienna and the operational departments at the network banks.

Sustainability Council

An important committee is the Sustainability Council of RBI, an organizationally embedded element of sustainability controlling. The task of this council is to advise on the development of sustainability agendas and evaluate their performance. It assists in defining key action areas and focal points (materiality approach), identifies targets and measures and makes recommendations on developing and implementing the annual sustainability program.

Sustainability Working Group

The Sustainability Working Group is an internal body based at the company’s head office. It works on the sustainability strategy and the connected objectives. It also attunes our sustainability policy as well as possible to company requirements and ensures that operational implementation of our shared goals and measures is promoted and guaranteed in all areas of the company. The group comprises representatives of the relevant board areas as well as the sustainability management team, and creates provisions for individual working groups on specific subjects. The working group also develops and coordinates all policies relevant to sustainability, such that all subjects are given appropriate levels of consideration and these fit with objectives and requirements for all company areas. The management and optimisation of the operational implementation of objectives relevant to sustainability currently takes place in individual departments. However, it is the task of the Sustainability Working Group to guarantee the effectiveness and revision of the defined goals and measures.

Sustainability Officers

In order to guarantee optimal implementation of the sustainability agendas in the RBI network banks, Sustainability Officers were nominated in all network banks at the end of 2012. The officers are directly subordinate to the CEOs of the network banks for their tasks in the area of sustainability management. These individuals function as an interface between the sustainability management team in the Vienna head office and the operational departments in the network banks. The Sustainability Officers are generalists with an interest in the topic of sustainability and come from diverse company areas. They are the contact person for all agendas relevant to sustainability, and coordinate and communicate these agendas within the company. They provide support for collecting and evaluating company data relevant to sustainability and take responsibility for the implementation of the sustainability policies as well as the defined goals and measures that result from these policies.


Andrea Sihn-Weber

Head of Group Sustainability Management
General Manager of Raiffeisen Sustainability Initiative
Raiffeisen Bank International AG
Am Stadtpark 9, 1030 Wien
Tel: +43-1-71707-6069