Once again award for the RBI Sustainability Report

Third place in the category for large companies

Twelve domestic companies were honored with prizes at the Austrian Sustainability Report Awards in mid-November. For the 18th time the Chamber of Public Accountants awarded the best sustainability reports from Austrian companies in five categories with the ASRA. RBI was able to achieve the gratifying third place with its 2016 report in the category “separate Sustainability Report for large companies”. According to the judging panel all awardees have implemented the demand to manage sustainably, exemplarily and presented it transparently.


The assessment of the thirty reports which were submitted between May and mid-September took place quantitatively, according to the ASRA assessment scheme, beforehand. This scheme is publicly available online under the link www.nachhaltigkeitsberichte.at (only in German). The underlying criteria include the vision, strategy and materiality, the sustainability process inside the organization, the principles of reporting as well as the performance. Afterwards all submissions were discussed from a qualitative standpoint by the judges in each category. This year for the first time all submitting companies were given feedback. In the positive qualitative feedback from the judges for RBI the exemplary stakeholder involvement, the serious economic evaluation of the significant effects as well as the good integration of the Sustainable Development Goals in the report were highlighted among other things.

All together about 250 organizations in Austria issue a sustainability report however there is an upwards trend because of legal obligations (NaDiVeG). RBI submitted its report which was created according to the international standard of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) for the fifth time this year.

ASRATeaserThe annual ASRA award takes place in cooperation with the Institute of Austrian Certified Public Accountants, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, the Federal Environment Agency, the Federation of Austrian Industries, respACT – Austrian business council for sustainable development, the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and the Austrian Society for Environment and Technology.

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