RBI hosts PILGRIM certification ceremony

In mid-May, RBI hosted the ceremony for the new members of the international education initiative "PILGRIM” already for the fifth time." The certification ceremony in the “Raiffeisensaal” took place under the motto "so that the earth can breathe again."

Just as RBI's numerous initiatives are designed to contribute to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, so many schools also assume their responsibility within the framework of these goals. "PILGRIM" schools use various interdenominational and interreligious actions to promote awareness of environmental protection and sustainability in connection with spirituality. They undertake to carry out at least one interdisciplinary action per school year and to document this by means of a corresponding report.

PilgrimThe welcoming address was given by Andrea Sihn-Weber, Head of RBI Group Sustainability Management, and Heinrich Kribbel, President of PILGRIM.

The greetings of the representatives of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research and the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism were followed by a keynote speech by the former ORF radio department head and Austrian author Hubert Gaisbauer. He warned the audience impressively that the earth was on the verge of exhaustion and called on the students present to be "troublemakers" on the subject of environmental protection and to shake up the political decision-makers, following the encyclical "Laudato si" by Pope Francis. At the same time, he asked the children and adolescents to pay attention to creation and to deal with it carefully in daily life.

As part of the certification ceremony nine new members introduced themselves – in addition to seven schools, a kindergarten and a company. They were given the previously blessed "Uhudler" vine, symbolic of sustainability, which had been refined by the Krems wine school, also a PILGRIM school.

PilgrimAfterwards the representatives of the religions spoke a prayer of gratitude and creation together, before the PILGRIM choir led over to the buffet with the national anthem and the European anthem.






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