Money laundering alert: Fraudsters use new tricks

Increasing numbers of fraudulent e-mails are currently in circulation.

New tricks are turning upstanding citizens into accomplices without their knowledge. The methods used by the scammers exploit good faith and are increasingly sophisticated.

Activities such as “Finance Manager”, “Regional Manager” and “Financial Agents” or fast money have increasingly been offered for some time through scamming e-mails and websites. The enlisted individuals are requested to provide their accounts for dubious money transfers. The intention is to encash the money received and forwarded it using money transfer services. An attractive, easily earned income or a fee is promised in return.

Warning: This concerns a request to cooperate in a criminal transaction! Never take up such an offer under any circumstances!

If you have already made your account available for such a transaction, have the payments received immediately returned. Please note that if you fail to do this, you will be cooperating in a criminal transaction and could be suspected of being an accomplice.

Online fraud: Methods are increasingly sophisticated

Various tricks are used to encourage upstanding citizens to cooperate in criminal transactions without their knowledge: Promised lottery winnings, apparently easy income, fictitious purchases at online auction houses followed by an excessive transfer sum as well as bogus large purchases with subsequent cancellation have one thing in common: The transferred amounts of money originate from phished accounts.

After the seller receives the money, the scammer finds some pretext to withdraw from the purchase or requests that the transferred amount be returned. The intention is for the money to be transferred abroad by the unsuspecting seller.

Please note:

Be particularly suspicious of unexpected payments or transfers from an account belonging to a third party or company. If you are confronted with a similar incident, i.e. if you are asked to forward unexpected and excessive amounts to a foreign account, please contact your customer relationship manager at RBI immediately.