Group Securities Services


Post-trade services for Central and Eastern Europe at the highest level – this is what RBI’s Group Securities Services (GSS) stand for. Institutional clients such as global custodians, broker/dealers and investment funds from around the world can benefit from deep local market expertise, founded on the extensive GSS network in this region (CEE).

In response to the demands of doing custody business in the various markets with their different legislations, languages and prerequisites, Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) developed the GSS Operations Center. By signing up only once, a number of markets can be conveniently accessed and fully covered.

CEE Coverage

Group Securities Services (GSS), covering 14 markets, builds on the banking group’s traditional commitment. 25 years of presence in an extraordinarily dynamic geographical area inevitably bring along an invaluable amount of experience.

With its full regional CEE coverage including Albania, Belarus, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kazakhstan and Slovenia, GSS is prepared to deliver innovative sub-custodian services to clients from around the world. more ...

GSS offices in CEE

Operations Center Model

The new GSS Operations Center sets RBI apart. It is the first platform that links market users to local CEE markets by maintaining only one business relationship, namely with Vienna-based RBI.

To the convenience of RBI’s market users, the GSS Operations Center gives access to 9 EU marketplaces in CEE by signing only one single contract. more ...

Risk Management

RBI’s risk management policy, outlined according to international standards, represents a strong backbone for market users doing business with the RBI network in Central and Eastern Europe.   

Close cooperation with the Compliance and Risk departments, comprehensive contingency planning policies and procedures for all business lines together with an efficient management information system are among the measures to mitigate operational risk.


RBI’s GSS Team consists of 230 professionals spread across Central and Eastern Europe, many of which have been actively involved with the development of the local capital markets over the past two decades. 

A winning combination of industry veterans, product experts and country specialists, the GSS Team boasts a proven track-record in its domain.

Such cumulated experience grants a tremendous source of market intelligence. Therefore, international clients as well as local lawmakers listen to what RBI’s GSS specialists have to say.     

Over the successes of the past few years, the GSS Team has been steadily growing. Thanks to a functioning know-how transfer between the locations, newcomers and veterans equally benefit from each other

The Regional Team, based in Vienna, is in charge of relationship management, business development and product management:

Attila Szalay-Berzeviczy

Attila Szalay-Berzeviczy
Head of Group Securities Services

Bettina Janoschek

Bettina Janoschek
Head of GSS Sales and Relationship Management

Radoslaw Ignatovicz Radoslaw Ignatowicz
Head of GSS Product
Laszlo Ssasz

Laszlo Szasz
Head of GSS Business and IT Development


Laszlo Hazafi Laszlo Hazafi
Head of GSS Product and Services
Anita Froech

Anita Fröch
GSS Sales and Relationship Manager

Eva Gatterwe Eva Gatterwe
GSS Sales and Relationship Manager
Garry March Garry March
GSS Sales and Relationship Manager
Katarina Markova-Rusnakova Katarina Marko
GSS Sales and Relationship Manager
Yvonne Hofer-Jonkov Yvonne Hofer-Jonkov
GSS Sales and Relationship Manager
Martin Gartner Martin Gartner
GSS Sales und Relationship Manager

Press Corner

GSS is very active in informing clients on new market developments in Central and Eastern Europe.

GSS Press, the monthly client magazine, gives a thorough review of market news, complemented by qualified analysis provided by the local teams:

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Attila Szalay-Berzeviczy

Head of Group Securities Services
Raiffeisen Bank International
Am Stadtpark 9 1030 Wien
Tel: +43-1-71707-8252