Electronic Banking and Liquidity Management

It is impossible to imagine the Cash Management of a modern company without electronic banking. Apart from account information and the recording of payments, the import function can really optimise your payment runs. Bank-style authorisation by means of electronic signatures supports the internal procedures, giving your authorised signatories independence in terms of place and time. This also allows central Cash Management headquarters to be easily tied into the daily payment run and the distributed authorisation.

ELBA-business MBS
ELBA-business, together with the Multibank Standard (MBS), is the tool for your Austrian mass payments, enabling you to manage your accounts at all Austrian MBS banks. Apart from comprehensive turnover and balance information as well as receipt data, an archive function facilitates long-term data storage. You can ideally illustrate your company structures in ELBA-business by means of account groups and individual user authorisations.
In addition to the manual entry of payments, the import function of SEPA-xml data carriers and structured lists (csv) are also available. With the Express transfer feature (SEPA Instant Payment) you can send payments up to EUR 15.000 within seconds to your beneficiary.The collective and time-place independent signature with cardTAN, smsTAN or Austrian digital signature (Citizen’s Card) creates flexibility and certainty.

CMI@Web (Internet Banking)
CMI@Web is the central hub for processing your worldwide payments and your Cash Management. It is an international, interbank, modular, browser-based solution. CMI@Web is equipped with state-of-the-art security standards by default.
CMI@Web is using a sw-based 2-factor authorization method for logging on and authorization of transactions, without any required installation. It ensures a symbiosis of the greatest possible security and simple use.

Cash Management International (CMI)
In order to ensure smooth-running international payments and to optimise the control of liquidity and the planning of payment streams, increasing numbers of companies are centralising their Cash and Treasury Management by setting up pan-regional Treasury Centres.
RBI has now brought together the experience gained with numerous multinational customers to harmonise and centralise your Cash Management agendas into a single solution – the Cash Management International (CMI) service.
CMI bundles existing, decentralised systems for the accessing of account information and participating in domestic and foreign payments. The management of regionally scattered bank relationships in different languages and country formats is considerably simplified, thanks to CMI.

Central Conversion Solution (CCS)
Customers often use formats other than those which can be automatically processed by the banks. There are very specific format requirements in place especially when payments have to be directed to Eastern Europe (CEE). RBI’s Central Conversion Solution offers the advantage of being able to send precisely such payment formats to us.
We process XML, ISO XML 20022 and CSV files as standard. You send your files to us quickly and safely via a variety of delivery channels, namely SWIFTNet FileAct, CMI@Web, leased line. We take care of forwarding them to Central and Eastern Europe. 

Authorisation Cockpit
With the Authorisation Cockpit, all payments delivered via data transfer (leased line) as well as collections can be easily and electronically checked and electronically signed in accordance with the signature specimen sheets. This does away with the need for a note in paper form or one sent by fax. Orders can be transmitted for accounts of RBI, the CMI network banks and from third-party banks. The delivery formats available to you are SEPA, EDIFACT, the national formats, XML ISO 20022 CGI and MT101. An electronic certificate is used for the signature, depending on the signature class and existing limits.