Cash Management

Cash Management

In times of globalised markets and increasing competition, efficient Cash and Liquidity Management is extremely important for both our national and international customers. Therefore, RBI considers Payments and Cash Management as core parts of its business. Our tailor-made Cash Management solutions actively support your Liquidity Management and payment transactions - locally and globally.

Our innovative services for commercial customers and financial institutions range from traditional payments products such as SEPA and cross-border-payments, electronic banking and e-business services to complex, international Cash Pooling and individual one-off payment solutions.

With RBI as your partner in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe you will benefit from the know-how, efficiency and flexibility of our Cash Management experts. Professional consulting and innovative solutions are an important part of our culture - we are looking forward to working with you!

Commercial Customers

  • Account
    RBI offers a wide range of tailor-made account products. Various tools and applications make your account movements and arrangements on the RBI account simple and clear.
  • SEPA and international payments
    Providing excellent services for handling your SEPA and international payments as well as your global Cash Management is RBI's main objective. We offer a variety of delivery channels, formats and account information for your SEPA transactions both Credit Transfers and Direct Debits as well as your international payments.
  • SWIFT gpi
    With SWIFT gpi (global payments innovation) a new era dawns in the international payments area, making increased transparency and same-day use of funds the new standard at RBI for the currencies EUR and USD. Corporate customers can actively be informed about incoming and outgoing gpi payments via email notification.

  • Electronic banking and liquidity management
    RBI provides your company with an ideal electronic banking system – either based on installed software or by means of secure internet access. Performance, stability and maximum security are the main features of the system.
  • RBI Business Banking APP
    The RBI Business Banking APP provides mobile access to your accounts whenever and wherever you are straight from your smartphone or tablet. Take advantage of RBI Business Banking APP and receive the latest account information.
  • Cash Pooling
    With innovative local and cross-border Cash Pooling structures, RBI enables companies with multiple branches in Austria and abroad to centralise their Liquidity Management and optimise interest income.
  • Card Acquiring
    RBI´s Cross-Border Merchant Services (CBMS) provides centralized card acquiring solutions to multinational retailers in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • SWIFT for Corporates
    Our SWIFT for Corporates products offer you the opportunity - via MA-CUG (Member Administered Closed User Group) or SCORE (Standardised Corporate Environment) – to participate in the global SWIFT network.
  • Special Services
    Individual company structures often demand tailor-made services. The special Cash Management products of RBI form the link that integrates specific requirements into your Cash Management system.
  • Cash Management Hotlines
    For information purposes and questions please contact our Cash Management Support Desk, our ELBA Hotline and our specialists of our Cash Management team.

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Financial Institutions

  • Account Services
    With various Account Services RBI offers optimum solutions for payment and clearing business.
  • Clearing Services
    RBI is a payments services specialist. Acting as a link between the emerging markets and the Euro zone, RBI offers its correspondent banks a wide range of Clearing Services in many currencies.
  • Reporting Services
    In order to ensure efficient and reliable account information RBI provides comprehensive online services as well as message delivery via SWIFT.
  • Settlement Services
    RBI is directly connected to national and international payment systems. Our top priority is to process the transactions of our correspondent banks as quickly and inexpensively as possible.
  • Services for domestic banks
    Financial institutions within Austria can take advantage of RBI’s extensive payment and cash management services.
  • FAST@Web
    FAST@Web is a browser-based solution for international payment transactions and is ideally suited for banks, which do not have direct access to the SWIFT network.

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Useful Information on Payment Services


RBI has a leading position as clearing bank since many years. The basis is its big engagement in the most important payment infrastructures - especially in the SEPA-Area. Through its active participation in national and international committees the development of those infrastructures was and will be influenced decisive.

Amongst other things RBI was working very intense for the participation of the Raiffeisen Banking Group in the national clearinghouse (Clearing Services Austria - CS.A) which went live in November 2011. CS.A is processing national formats as well as SEPA-formats.

RBI  is connected to the following national and international payment systems:

  • Clearing Service Austria (CS.A)
    Direct clearing member of the national clearing house CS.A. RBI offers other banks located in Austria a participation as "Leitwegbank".
  • SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication)
    RBI has been member since 1977 and is fully supporting the SWIFT community in fields of new developments.
  • SSP/TARGET2 (Trans-European Automated Real-Time Gross Settlement Express Transfer)
    Following TARGET, went live in November 2007. RBI is a direct participant of the Single Shared Platform (SSP)/TARGET2 and offers indirect participation to other banks. With TARGET2, a unified Europe-wide platform was established.
  • Target2 Directory
    RBI is a direct clearing member of EBA (Euro Banking Association). Therefore we can offer STEP1 settlement.
    Platform for the Pan-European Clearing House (PE-ACH), where RBI also acts as direct participant, is offering access for numerous connected Banks as well in the "old" XCT system, that enables to send EU regulated Payments, as in the new SEPA Credit Transfer Scheme (SCT) and SEPA Direct Debit Scheme (SDD Core and B2B).
  • EBA RT1
    On the 21st of November 2017 the first pan-European Instant Payments solution of EBA Clearing went live and RBI was one of the pioneering banks. Via Instant payments funds can be made available within 10 seconds 24/7/365 and are based on the new SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCTInst) scheme managed by the European Payments Council. It is possible to reach banks in the whole SEPA area with an initial maximum transaction amount of EUR 15.000,-.
  • TIPS (TARGET Instant Payment Settlement)
    Since 30th of November 2018 the European Central Bank is providing a uniform payment platform where SEPA Instant Credit Transfers (SCT Inst) can be processed. After EBA RT1 this is the second infrastructure for the processing of Instant Payments on an European level. RBI is a direct TIPS participant since 15th of April 2019.

  • SIX (Swiss Interbank Clearing)
    RBI directly participates in the Swiss Interbank Clearing System SIX since May 2005 and actively processes incoming and outgoing payments in CHF through SIX.

PSD2 XS2A API Description

Access the XS2A interface as approved Account Information Service Provider (AISP) or Payment Initiation Provider (PISP) and develop and test the API.

How to connect: all necessary steps as well as the detailed API description can be found in the attached document.

In case of any questions please feel free to contact RBI’s Support Desk​


RBI XS2A API Description


Commercial customers

Financial Institutions


  • Instant Payments
    Payments that are completed within 10 seconds and available 24/7/365, this is the new reality in the payments business.
  • IBAN introduction in Ukraine as of August 5th, 2019

    In order to develop the Ukrainian payment market on the ground of International Standards and the further development of the electronic payment system, we inform you about introduction of the International Bank Account Number in Ukraine according to the IBAN standards from August 05, 2019 (further – IBAN).

    In this connection since August 05, 2019 IBAN will be assigned to all accounts, opened in Ukraine. 

    During August 05, 2019 through October 31, 2019 there will be a transition period in which it will be allowed to make payments using IBAN or account number as previously.
    On November 01, 2019 the IBAN should be used only. 

    Please also note that from November 01, 2019 all transfers of funds to/from Ukraine will be executed only if the account of sender/beneficiary is filled in accordance with IBAN standards.  

    Please take into account the above mentioned information.
    In case of any questions please contact your responsible cash management sales manager.

Cash Management Awards

RBI awarded “Best Bank for Cash Management in Central & Eastern Europe 2019”, "Most Innovative Bank in CEE 2018" and the serial winner of "Best Cash Management Services in Central & Eastern Europe" award, this year for the eighth time in a row.

Global Finance magazine again has named the World's Best Treasury & Cash Management Banks and Providers. After 2018 Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI) again has been awarded the title "Best Bank for Cash Management in Central & Eastern Europe 2019". In 2015, 2016 and 2017, RBI won the title of "Best Treasury and Cash Management Bank in Austria".

Global Finance also named the most innovative Financial Institutions in seven Global Regions as part of The Innovators 2018. For the second time, RBI has won the Global Finance’s „Most Innovative Bank in CEE 2018“ award.

In fact, this is the 8th consecutive year that Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI) has been recognized in EMEA Finance´s Treasury Services Awards and that RBI has won the prestigious "Best Cash Management Services in Central & Eastern Europe 2018" award. 

Financial Times magazine "The Banker" decorated RBI with its "Transaction banking award 2017 for Cash Management in CEE".

“We are very happy that EMEA Finance selected RBI once again for best cash management services in CEE, thus recognizing our constant strive for quality and innovation”, said Sabine Zucker, Managing Director and Head of RBI’s Trade Finance & Transaction Banking Division. “RBI´s adoption and quick implementation of SEPA Instant Payments into RBI´s core banking and our customer front-end systems as one of the first banks in Europe is a milestone in payments business. This important accomplishment and step forward to real time payments is highly appreciated by our customers. The main driver for the early participation was RBI´s leading position as clearing bank that we intend to strengthen even further.”

“Recognizing the growing customer demand for same day use of funds with full transparency, RBI continuously drives innovation also in cross-border business-to-business payments. Improving cross-border payment services by increasing speed, transparency & predictability regarding fee, end-to-end payment tracking and forwarding unaltered remittance information are the keywords here.”, explains Susanne Prager, RBI’s Head of Cash Management. “To be part of the SWIFT gpi world as soon as possible, RBI went live with as first SWIFT gpi bank in Austria.  Additionally, RBI continues its digital activities within RBI Group in CEE to design and create a comprehensive framework to emphasize a consistent strategy & approach for the implementation of a group wide Corporate Portal solution. The RBI Card Acquiring team is also working on digital projects and participating in the implementation of the digital payment strategy. Our initiatives will enable merchants to implement innovative values added services and alternative payment methods besides the seamless payment experience.”

According to Susanne Prager, for RBI Group it is important to find the right solutions and to provide professional support to our clients. The bank´s focus is on growing efficiency, continuous improvement of international payment service and state-of-the-art Cash Management solutions.



Susanne Prager

Head of Cash Management
Raiffeisen Bank International
Am Stadtpark 9, 1030 Wien
Tel: +43-1-71707-3480