RBI’s tailor-made account products of RBI have one thing in common. Apart from the affordable account management, it is the clear and comprehensive account information around which the account products of Raiffeisen Bank International are based. In addition to the well-known giro account, the Cash Management account in particular offer extensive benefits for our customers.

Account information
The account statement for your RBI account offers ideal account information or intraday account information on your incoming and outgoing payments.
Apart from the electronic account information, which you can access with RBI’s electronic banking products, comprehensive export options and direct data transfers (SWIFT, FTP, …) are also available. The structured account information allows your data to be read simply, comprehensively and completely. Receipts and images supplement the range of information available for your Cash Management.

pdf e-account statement
Instead of the paper account statements sent to you by post, the Net Account service offers you all sorts of ways to optimise your daily filing work. You can receive pdf e-account statements from RBI, which are recognised under Austrian tax law, via electronic banking products (ELBA-business, CMI@Web, CMI and FAST@Web), by e-mail of by means of data lines.

Return data carriers (CREMUL, DEBMUL, camt.054)
A major refinement to the account information available is represented by the return data carrier (CREMUL, DEBMUL, camt.054). When combined with a credit truncation, your bookkeeping department no longer needs to make manual interventions and errors are ruled out because all the necessary data, such as client, purpose, customer number, invoice number, etc. are included.

Cash Management Billing Solution - CMBS
By using the Cash Management Billing Solution (CMBS) your transactions with Raiffeisen Bank International become easier and even more favourable. One of the keys to achieve a high level of competitiveness is to optimize your financial controlling. CMBS supports you in keeping the overview of your transactions and costs and offer you the possibility to actively monitor them.
Cash Management Billing Solution allows you to retrieve your internet based bill from anywhere in the world at any time. CMBS enables you to import the available data directly into your bookkeeping system. Additionally, the electronic storage of your data for the entire fiscal year and numerous features (i.e. actual pricing, details of charged transactions, etc.) support your financial controlling.
We would like to highlight that CMBS also provides the possibility to view and export the Cash Management Fees in camt.086 format.

The International Banking Account Number enables automatic routing and booking through to the payment recipient. In particular, the automatic onward booking of a foreign payment instruction in the respective country is simplified and accelerated.