SEPA and International Payments

RBI's Cash Management team of RBI always promptly provides you with information on innovations in the Austrian payments system and also offers support with the adaptation of your systems. We would also be pleased to advise you on further options for optimising your payments!

International Cash Management is also part of our core business at RBI. Our international focus is underscored by our strong presence in Central and Eastern Europe as well as by numerous cooperation agreements in Western Europe and overseas.

Domestic payments
With a dense network of correspondent banks and the direct participation in the national clearing system CS.A (Clearing Service Austria) as well as in the European clearing systems EBA STEP2 and Target2, RBI guarantees the smooth processing of SEPA transaction in XML format and urgent payments (with same-day payment at the beneficiary bank). In addition to the standard SEPA payment transfers RBI, offers its customers a wide range of complementary products like cash collection, standing orders, SEPA Direct Debit Core and B2B.

International payments
Our skills in processing international payments is appreciated for fast, secure and low-cost processing with excellent quality. Our range of products for your international payments includes accounts in Euro and 37 foreign currencies, cross-border pooling and a detailed cost overview in CMBS. Furthermore, RBI is a direct member of all main European clearing systems. RBI offers high-quality, competitive terms as well as fixed and transparent unit prices for processing your Cash Management transactions. Worth mentioning our IntraGroupPayments (IGP), which enable Euro payments within the Raiffeisen network in Central and Eastern Europe to be processed with same day value and at even better conditions. In addition - RBI as an international payment service provider - ensures easy, secure and efficient processing of your cross border payments in exotic currencies.

SEPA and EU standard transfer
RBI has been offering you the SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT), the new standard transfer in XML format within the SEPA area since January 2008. It largely corresponds to the national Austrian payment order and the recently deployed EU standard transfer.

SEPA Direct Debit
Two versions of the SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) are available. The SDD CORE and SDD B2B can be used within Austria like the existing collection or direct debit procedure. The main advantage of SDD is that it can also be used to make cross-border collections throughout the SEPA area. Thus the standard SDD CORE procedure is just as available to you as the SDD B2B, the final collection between commercial customers.

Charges for SCT, SDD and EU standard transfer
For cross-border payments and collections, the regulations of EU Regulation 924/2009 (formerly 2560/2001) apply; i.e. for cross-border payments and collections

  • with BIC/IBAN
  • sharing of charges

the same amount is charged for the transaction as for the same transaction domestically.