Special services

Your company is unique and cannot be directly compared to any other. Consequently, standard products occasionally reach their limits. In order for us to provide you with optimum support in all matters pertaining to your Cash Management, we also provide services beyond our standard products which meet your special requirements.

Data lines, BCS
In order to transfer large quantities of payment orders to different banks and to collect the account statements from different banks, RBI offers the possibility of having a direct data transfer connection (leased line). Technologies available include the IBM Business Contact Service (ECODEX, EDI Gateway), the high-security connection Connect:Direct, the popular File Transfer Protocol (FTP) with or without SSL encryption or an easy-to-use web application.

The Business Contact Service is an information network of IBM which simply and securely connects business across Austria, including those outside the banking sector.

Together with the Authorisation Cockpit of RBI, you can optimise your mass payments in bookkeeping, payroll or production/logistics.

eps payment
eps payment offers you the possibility to receive payments in your webshop with the popular Electronic Banking system of Raiffeisen (ELBA-internet) or other Austrian banks. The benefit includes knowing precisely whether the payment has actually been made. After your online customers have filled their shopping cart in your online shop, they are forwarded to a secure internet banking page. Following successful registration, the customer is shown the prefilled payment screen and confirms the payment. Your online shop immediately receives an electronic status report on the transaction and the payment amount is automatically and irrevocably credited to your account. Thanks to the cooperation with giropay, the german eps solution, online payments between Germany and Austria can be done from now on.

e-Bill and EBPP
With its innovative e-Bill service, i.e. “Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment” (EBPP), RBI closes the gap between the invoicer and its customers. All your bill data is electronically transferred direct to the e-Bill system of Online Post Austria GmbH as consolidator, an interbank cooperation of RBI and leading Austrian banks, from where they are electronically forwarded to the recipient. The customer is informed about the arrival of new bills by e-mail, which he can check online via his internet banking system (e.g. ELBA-internet) and approve for payment.

Digital signatureArticle 18 of the Austrian Signature Act defines the secure digital signature as the legal equivalent of a person’s own written signature. This means that legally binding transactions can be concluded electronically or payment orders signed. The chip on the a.sign premium card from the company a.trust or the e-card can be used as the carrier medium for your personal digital signature. ELBA-business MBS supports the digital signature.

Our bank alliances such as UniCash and Connector offer multilateral Service Level Agreements which ensure simple account opening in the respective countries as well as standardised services.This offers you the possibility to process your payments within the several member banks centrally via RBI.