Reporting Services

RBI provides efficient and reliable information via a wide range of media, which supports cost management and the statistical evaluation of payment streams.

Account statements via SWIFT MT940 and MT950
The electronic account statement in the MT940 format and the bank account statement in the MT950 format are important sources of information on account movements. The payment purpose tags can be sent in unstructured or structured form in accordance with SWIFT, STUZZA or SEPA rules. This provides you with maximum information for automated processing.

Intraday account statements via SWIFT MT941 and MT942
The intraday balance information and transmission of intraday bookings enable almost real-time cash management of payment streams to your accounts at RBI. Unstructured and structured output is available for optimum, automated further processing. Defined output times allow you to obtain the maximum amount of information.

Credit and debit notes via SWIFT MT910 and MT900
The credit and debit notes give you reliable information about individual payments. As these meet SWIFT standards, they are simple to integrate into your internal processes.

Reporting services in the new xml-format
RBI supports the message types camt.052, camt.053 and camt.054 in compliance with XML ISO 20022 and offers the transmission of these new SEPA reporting instruments. This information can either be sent via SWIFTNet FileAct or a direct data transfer connection. Alternatively these message types can be downloaded via our electronic banking systems.

CMBS - Cash Management Billing Solution
RBI’s CMBS (Cash Management Billing Solution) service provides a detailed monthly online summary – including historical data – on the payment transaction costs (monthly statement), STP Quality Analysis and interest computations.