Services for domestic banks

RBI offers banks within Austria extensive services for their domestic and cross-border payment businesses. Based on the close cooperation with Raiffeisen Informatik GmbH and the back office company RSC (Raiffeisen Service Center GmbH), virtually every service is rendered; from establishing technical connections to performing back office and processing tasks. Especially for cross-border payments, domestic banks may take advantage of RBI’s various cash management solutions.

Our services include:

  • Domestic and cross-border payment processing at guaranteed flat fees
  • Indirect participation in the payment infrastructures CS.A, EBA STEP2 (SCT and SDD), EBA RT1 (SCT inst)and TARGET2 (as "addressable BIC") through RBI - Settlement Services
  • Optimised liquidity management through maintaining a central account for the entire Raiffeisen Banking Group in Austria
  • Special products and solutions for cross-border payments - Clearing Services
  • Regular account information via the online reporting tool CMI@Web Account Reporting