Cash Pooling

International Liquidity Management with Cash Pooling
Cash Pooling is a modern instrument of Cash Management that enables companies to centralise Liquidity Management and optimise interest income. Regardless of whether the accounts are held solely at RBI and the Raiffeisen Banking Group in Austria or at the Raiffeisen Network Banks in CEE or selected Partnerbanks in Western Europe, the RBI product range covers tailor-made effective and notional Cash Pooling solutions as well as local and cross-border Cash Pooling structures.
Pooling-relevant information is available at our special online Cash Pooling application CPS@Web.
A fictitious interest statement is produced monthly for Pool Accounts. The results of the so-called shadow accounting can be used as the basis for your international interest distribution.
The implementation of a Cash Pool and the selection of the Pooling method presume a positive analysis of the legal and fiscal framework conditions.

Cash Pooling Zero Balancing
Zero Balancing (ZB) involves physical concentration of liquidity on a Master Account held with RBI. All balances of the Pool Accounts are transferred daily to the Master Account according to the value date. Only the group balance, which is shown on the Master Account after the Pooling attracts interest and has to be managed.

Cash Pooling Interest Compensation
Interest compensation (Notional Pooling) involves compensating the value-date balances on the involved Pool Accounts daily on a purely arithmetical basis – for the purpose of optimising interest. There are no physical Pooling transfers. The Pool companies therefore have autonomous access to their accounts. The calculated group balance is interest-bearing. An optional interest allocation by RBI is available.

Cross-border Target Balancing
Cross-border Target Balancing (CBTB) supports your companies abroad and allows effective, interbank Pooling with selected Raiffeisen Network Banks in the CEE region and Western European Partnerbanks on the basis of SWIFT messages (MT940, MT942, MT101 and MT103). Your group-wide liquidity is pooled with simultaneous optimisation of the interest income on the Master Account at RBI.

Cross-border Zero Balancing
Cross-border Zero Balancing (CBZB) is a Pooling method, which enables effective cross-border and interbank Cash Pooling with original value date. Your group-wide liquidity is concentrated in RBI with simultaneous optimisation of the interest income. CBZB is offered with selected Raiffeisen Network Banks in the CEE region and Western European Partnerbanks.

Cross-border Margin Pooling
Cross-border Margin Pooling (CBMP) enables both cross-border and cross-currency interest optimisation. As the calculation is done on a fictitious basis, the CBMP represents an attractive alternative to physical Pooling, especially in countries where the legal framework conditions do not permit effective Pooling. Due to the strong presence of RBI and its Raiffeisen Network Banks in Central and Eastern Europe, CBMP is offered for the entire CEE region.

Cross-currency Notional Pooling
Cross-currency Notional Pooling (CCNP) enables cross-currency interest optimisation. Compared to classic interest compensation, which is possible in one single currency only, CCNP allows RBI accounts in different currencies to be included. The various interest rates are dealt with by means of F/X swaps.