SWIFT for Corporates

SWIFT is a financial industry owned co-operative providing secure and standardised messaging services and interface software to more than 9.700 banking organisations, securities institutions and corporate customers in more than 200 countries.

Originally, only banks were allowed to profit from SWIFTNet. In 2001 SWIFT opened its services to corporate customers. Instead of a multi bank solution corporates can now choose one of RBI´s offered SWIFT solutions to reach all their banks through one single platform:

MA-CUG (Member Administered Closed User Group):
RBI has maintained a MA-CUG as system administrator since September 2004 and offers corporates to join this service as so-called “Service Participant”.

SCORE (Standardised CORporate Environment):
As a further development in 2007, SWIFT introduced a new access model called SCORE.
Therein SWIFT acts as system administrator and allows corporates and banks to exchange messages.
In contrast to MA-CUG the communication with all participants is possible after a single registration.

Messaging services:
RBI offers different transfer mechanisms (messaging services) for exchanging data:

  • FIN (MT101, MT940, …),
  • FileAct in real-time mode and
  • FileAct in store-and-forward mode messaging

The FileAct service in combination with our Central Conversion Solution allows you to centralize and optimize your payment flows in CEE.

Take advantage of SWIFT’s highly secure and reliable communication channel with one of the offered solutions. A high level end-to-end straight-through processing can be achieved by standardised messaging service guaranteeing the minimisation of customers’ operational risk.