Trade & Export Finance


Our aim is to minimise the risks associated with foreign transactions and to find the best financing solutions for you. For this reason, companies with a focus on exports have for a long time trusted our know-how as a specialist for trade and export finance. As such, RBI relies on its own network of banks in Central and Eastern Europe and on its strong presence in Asia and the main financial centres of the world.

Export financing

We provide tailor-made solutions for the financing of export transactions and foreign investments covered by an export credit agency (ECA). Below is a selection of the main products (export financing, foreign investment financing, working capital & pre export financing that support exporters with their international business:

    Export financing can be so easy. With eSPEEDTRACK we offer buyer’s credits for importers and transactions from EUR 2 to 10 million covered by an Export Credit Agency – digitally, quickly and efficiently.
  • Tied Financial Credit/Soft Loan
    Medium/long-term financing of the importer or its bank, directly linked to the capital and investment goods exported.
  • Purchase of Receivables
    Financing the exporter by purchasing trade receivables.
  • Foreign Investment Finance
    Financing investments of Austrian companies in foreign companies and for the acquisition of foreign companies.
  • KRR (Kontrollbank Refinanzierungsrahmen) – Refinancing Facility
    working capital & pre export financing for Austrian companies.

Due to the long-term collaboration with ECAs around the world, RBI can offer Austrian and international exporters and importers professional support and make a significant contribution to the (better) success of the respective transaction.

Letters of Credit (L/C)


  • Export letters of credit, unconfirmed and (silently) confirmed
  • Import letters of credit
  • Documentary collections and clean collections
  • Financing of letters of credit via L/C post-financing, L/C discounting, UPAS
  • Special forms of letters of credit, such as transferable L/Cs, back-to-back L/Cs, negotiation L/Cs, (irrevocable) reimbursement L/Cs


  • Structuring of tailor made L/C solutions based on (draft) contracts,
  • Structuring of complex trade finance solutions combining the L/C with different products,such as guarantees, export finance or FX products,
  • Drafting and pre-checking of L/C wordings,
  • Advisory services with respect to country specific trade practices(e.g. which documents are required in our clients’ export countries),
  • Pre-checking of shipping documents,
  • Financing of payments under import L/Cs or export L/Cs
  • Regular training of clients – in-house and on-site

Advantages of RBI’s trade finance solutions:

  • RBI’s large number of relationship banks enables us to accompany our clients wherever they do business, to mitigate their risks via L/C confirmations or L/C issuances and to provide our clients with liquidity whenever they need it
  • Our deep knowledge of your export markets enables us to offer tailor made, out-of-the box solutions and individual advisory
  • Being a strong player in Eastern Europe and having long-lasting experience with commodities sourced from Russia we are able to check documents issued in Russian language

Our experienced and multinational team is constantly engaging in developing our products and services: this enables us to offer on the one hand innovative solutions, such as L/Cs denominated in exotic currencies (Rubles or Renminbi) or new types of L/C financings and on the other hand interaction with our clients in several languages in addition to German and English


We employ highly skilled staff with many years of hands-on experience in the area of guarantees/sureties/standby letters of credit. The close relationships that we maintain with international correspondent banks have made us more than familiar with local banking practices, rules and habits. These are just some of the reasons why the International Chamber of Commerce trusted in the expertise of RBI when setting up the new Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees (ICC Publication No. 758). Our position as a competence centre for the guarantee business of the entire RBI Group gives us direct access to the guarantee departments of our network banks as well as the branches in China and Singapore.

Our core services include:

  • Issuance of Guarantees
    We issue guarantees, sureties and standby letters of credit for you, specifically adapted to each required purpose.
  • Wording of guarantee texts
    Our texts are tailored to your business. On request, we will support you as early as during the contract negotiations, which could result in decisive additional benefits for you or your customers.
  • Advising of guarantees
    We forward to you guarantees issued by other banks in your favour – the guarantee texts are checked by our specialists for any conditions that may be disadvantageous to you. In case you need to submit a payment demand under a guarantee advised by us we are pleased to support you.
  • Reporting
    We provide you with in-depth and up-to-date information on your guarantee-stock with us.

We offer companies that maintain bilateral guarantee facilities with different banks the option to bundle these in one single syndicated guarantee facility. We have already completed a number of such syndications to the satisfaction of our customers. We would be pleased to support you as an agent in a syndicated facility as well.



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