Corporate Finance lives on international experience.

As one of the best-known banks for investment and acquisition finance, RBI has completed numerous large-scale transactions over the years. We also play a prominent role in the area of international project finance in Central and Eastern Europe. Our specialists structure M&A transactions, provide mezzanine capital and ensure tax-optimised financial structures.

Corporate Finance

The strengths of our Corporate Finance offer lie particularly in our excellent industry-specific and geographical expertise as well as in our experienced employees with their first-class know-how and efficient processing of transactions.

  • Classic Working Capital Finance
    Our classic working capital finance offers you maximum flexibility for the financing of your current assets and is an important tool for securing your liquidity. We would also be pleased to support you in this regard with our know-how in CEE.
  • Investment Finance and Subsidies
    Our subsidy experts offer you comprehensive advice for optimising and implementing funding options for investment projects in Austria and abroad.
  • Certificate of indebtedness Loan
    A Certificate of indebtedness Loan offers diversification, flexibility and low administrative complexity and therefore enables us to secure new sources of finance for you without participating in the capital markets.

Structured Finance

  • Real Estate Finance
    In the area of real estate finance, we offer you a comprehensive range of services with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe as well as a strong presence in Western Europe.
  • Commodity & Structured Trade Finance
    We offer you tailor-made solutions for commodity and structured trade finance. We optimise our offering by combining our international market and industry expertise with the local know-how of our banking network. We manage markets in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as North and South America and in Asia. Our products focus on oil and oil-based products, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and fertilisers.
  • Acquisition Finance
    We develop the ideal structure for your acquisition project by working together with experts from our legal and tax division as well as with external solicitors and tax consultants. We adapt credit lines adequately to the risk and earning power of the project, develop a fiscally and legally optimised acquisition structure and place the financing, if necessary, on the international syndication market.
  • Project Finance
    We provide you with our know-how in the structuring of off-balance sheet project finance in order to optimise the risk for your company. Therefore our team will identify various external and internal factors and their possible impact on your project. Accordingly we will set up a financing structure that will account for the individual needs and risks of your project plans. In the CEE region, RBI has long been one of the leading banks for project finance. This is proven, amongst other things, by the close cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, for which we are one of the most important partner banks in the world.
  • Supply Chain Finance
    Supply Chain Finance comprises various structured products in order to optimise cash flow in the logistics supply chain. Many market players understand it simply as Reverse Factoring. But we, on the other hand, offer you tailor-made solutions for the financing and management of your entire supply chain. This provides you with not only the traditional hedging of risks, but also the more efficient management of your working capital.


The bond is an interesting and low-cost alternative in the area of financing. Whether large-volume public transactions or tailor-made private placements, we offer you the ideal solution for the raising of external capital. RBI has been active in the international bond business for many years and is the leading issuing bank in Austria.

The market for corporate bonds has experienced a sharp rise in importance since the financial crisis, both in Austria and across Europe.

The benefits for our customers are plain to see:

In a placement to non-banks and banks, with which the issuer does not have a credit relationship, the issuer’s lines of credit at its house banks are not put under stress.

The usual ‘bullet’ repayment for bonds allows the company an alternative method of liquidity planning to that for loans with a standard amortisation structure.

The placement with non-banks enables the expansion and diversification of the issuer’s creditor base.

For large investment and acquisition projects, the necessary issue volumes can be raised with public bond issues.


The RBI Group is the strongest provider of factoring solutions in Central and Eastern Europe with 11 specialized companies in the region. Not only do we offer basic factoring solutions, but we also utilize group synergies in providing sophisticated solutions such as:

  • Domestic factoring
    In countries with Raiffeisen Factoring Units* we offer recourse and non-recourse factoring with special products such as discounting of bills of exchange and e-factoring depending on country specifics.
  • International Factoring
    As a member of the International Factors Group (IFG), our Factoring Units offer two-factor solutions with fully guaranteed payment for your business with clients in CEE. We also provide direct international factoring.
  • Reverse Factoring
    Supporting your chain of suppliers with modern financing solutions, reverse factoring has become a valuable tool to help your suppliers with regard to their cash needs and gain advantages from extended payment terms. It also allows your suppliers to grow along with the expansion of your business.


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Head of Corporate Finance
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