28.02.2018 - RBI appoints Paul Pasquali as Head of „Group Governmental and Public Affairs“

As of 1 March 2018, Paul Pasquali will head the newly established division „Group Governmental and Public Affairs“ at Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI). The 37-year-old lawyer has significant international experience due to his work for Raiffeisen in Brussels, where he heads the EU Liaison Office, and the RBI Management Secretariat.

With the establishment of the new division, which will be in the responsibility of CEO Johann Strobl, RBI is stepping up its dialogue with the social and political public. “Not only the ever increasing complex regulation, but also the sociopolitical expectation of explaining our own corporate policy position to the public requires an active and structured dialogue,” said Johann Strobl, CEO of RBI. For that reason, all national and international efforts of RBI in this field will be concentrated in one division in the future.

“The public positioning of a company or an industry is a very important factor in the development of legal and regulatory requirements. As a responsible and sustainable acting company, we want to participate actively in the dialogue on the further development of Austria as a business location and Europe, to demonstrate our economic importance as financial service provider as well as to work for good framework conditions in our home market of Central and Eastern Europe ", Pasquali explained his tasks.

Here you can find a picture of Mr. Pasquali: Picture

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