Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)

Our research contains comprehensive information about the economic developement in the Central and Eastern European countries and its capital markets. Full versions are available on our website.

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  • CEE Weekly: This report contains all relevant Raiffeisen RESEARCH financial market forecasts for the CEE region (key rates, yields, currencies) and provides a pre- and review of  relevant events and data releases for major CEE markets. In particular Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey are covered on a regular basis, other CEE markets are included on an ad-hoc basis. Relevant major topics for individual countries or cross-country and regional issues are covered in a special section on ad-hoc basis.


  • CEE Economics: Analysis and outlook of economic trends in the CEE region, including leading indicators, economic growth and inflation developments and the impact on economic policies and financial markets.


  • CEE Debt Market Strategy: Overview of CEE bond markets on the local and hard currency side. Market forecasts and trading ideas.


CEE Banking Sector Report

Date Title
21.12.2017 CEE Banking Sector Report update


Date Titel
  Russia country report (next issue in Summer 2018)