Technical Analysis

Being the third pillar of Financial Market Analysis the Technical Analysis other than micro- or macro-economics doesn't ask for the value of a stock, a crossrate or bond, but the question all is about actually is, whether at current prices still there is sufficient demand in the market or if it shows already signs of a weakness. With this question in mind and with an eye on the movement of prices, volume, open interest and market depth it for us is possible to define precise prognoses for either the next 5 minutes to follow or a 2-years timeframe.

A prognosis consists of estimated direction, target-value, target-area, description of situation and changes of trend expectable, recommendation of actions and strategies, stop-limit with subsequent target, the resulting chance-risk-profile, a large-scale chart and/or a zoomed-out detail of the current situation. Technical Analysis allows for precise timing of long-term strategies and also increases likelyhood of success of short-term trading.

The publication-series "Charttechnik" is issued on a weekly schedule. Assorted by regions we do analyse the most important stock-market indices, stocks, bonds and crossrates in these publications:

  • Charttechnik Forex & Fixed Income
    covers forex (both major and CEE) and fixed-income markets, i.e. EUR Bund- and U.S-T.-Note Future

  • Charttechnik Stock Markets
    covers the major stock markets by terms of its futures, i.e. DOW, S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, Dax 30, Eurostoxx 50: plus ATX und Nikkei 225 Index

All publications are distributed as Adobe-pdf-file or link and do contain the typical elements of our analyses, i.e.:

  • Price / indication at the time of analysing
  • Current position or recommendation to buy or sell
  • target or target-area
  • outlining of situation and resulting strategy
  • stop-limit and potential in case of triggering
  • support-resistance-navigator
  • large-scale chart
Our publications are available within the Raiffeisen RESEARCH package and online at

For further information please contact your personal account manager at your Raiffeisen Bank or Ms. Aleksandra Srejic


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