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6 examples for holistic banking – and why it's the future ⏳

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The whole is more than the sum of its parts.


Have you ever experienced this? When tackling a complex task, you realized: This is but one part of the issue – to find the perfect solution, I first need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture here. 

A holistic approach has proven to be successful in many areas, from healthcare to education and business. In banking, we have adapted this philosophy as well: Looking at all aspects of the client relationship as well as our role in society and the environment

Therefore, in this issue, we have compiled a 'tour d'horizon' of topics for all kinds of needs and interests: From brokerage and alternative investments to trade finance and research, always keeping in mind the people behind the banking. And speaking of French: Don't forget to check out our culinary guide of 'le fromage'.

After all, we believe that the sum of us is so much more than institutions cooperating. Let's paint the big picture together.

Enjoy the read!

Women@MIB: Investment Banking

In this series, we would like to introduce some of the women who make up RBI’s Markets & Investment Banking board area in both Austria and our subsidiary banks in CEE.

The portraits are meant to present colleagues from various hierarchy levels with, among others, an interesting career, off-mainstream views or special tasks or competences.

Banking, like many other industries, is traditionally a male dominated area. We have therefore decided to shine the light on some of the many driven, knowledgeable and inspiring women at RBI – advocating a diverse future with equal opportunities. Enjoy the read!

Daniela Berger

daniela berger, IB Transaction Management Group

Daniela is 36 years old and has been working for RBI since 2007. In her current role as Senior Transaction Manager she organizes, monitors, advises on and manages the documentation and execution process of debt primary capital markets transaction for third party issuers (Eurobonds, domestic bonds and related debt instruments).

She has one child aged eight.

In her private life, she enjoys spending time with her family, biking, hiking, skiing, playing tennis and playing the piano.

Ekaterina Ivchenko

Ekaterina Ivchenko, IB Debt Syndicate

Ekaterina was born in Moscow, the USSR, in 1971. She has been working at RBI since 2007 and is currently Director at Bond Syndication, IB. Her tasks include Eurobond syndication and placement on the Primary International Debt Capital Market. 


She has two Austrian tigers from Mühlviertel aged 5, one can sing, another can swim. In her private life, she enjoys TriYoga practice and vegan life style.

Julia Weirauch

Julia Weirauch, IB Group Asset Based Finance Corporate

Julia is 29 years old and was born in Vienna. She started her career at RBI in 2017 as modeler in Risk Controlling. One year ago, she decided to get closer to customers and joined Group Asset Based Finance Corporates. Her tasks include structuring receivable transactions and making the clients happy.


In her private life, she likes to have action and do a little bit of everything. Travelling, biking, playing tennis, snowboarding, dancing, playing the violin or piano. 

Fund Finance


Fund Finance

In recent years, the fund finance market has grown considerably and amongst all the players out there, RBI built up its fund finance flagship product for alternative investment funds – the subscription credit facility

The subscription credit facility (SCF) is a short-term loan on fund level to bridge investments secured by the uncalled commitments of the fund's investors. It's typically used for the purpose of financing fund acquisitions, management fees and fund expenses prior to calling capital from investors. Especially when there is an interesting investment opportunity on the market, the fund can quickly act without all the administration burden, but with effectively managed cashflows. 

Less common than the SCF, but now that the market is maturing, also net-asset-value (NAV) or asset-backed facilities are becoming more frequent. The difference with the NAV facility is that the loan is backed by the net asset value of the portfolio companies of the fund.

In servicing alternative investment funds, the Fund Finance and Alternative Investment team is working closely together with the Institutional Investors' team in RBI. Over the past years the teams managed to successfully close over 50 deals and with that became a major player in the fund finance market.

Any remaining questions? Just hit your phone and give us a call!

Raiffeisenbank Czech Republic: Meet the structured Trade & Export Finance team

“We have a clear ambition to be considered one of the top 4 export finance banks in the Czech market. This will be achieved via superior client experience and leveraged by collaboration between product specialists, a local sales force (focus on exporters), and the relevant teams of RBI and network banks (focus on importers and market know-how). We aim to support clients throughout the entire trade/supply chain. In order to succeed, we have sharpened our Structured Trade & Export Finance team with a know-how mix from various fields of trade and export finance.

Our Structured Trade & Export Finance team consists of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds. Some have already been with Raiffeisenbank Czech Republic for several years; others have only recently joined. The team combines experience from the RBI Group, other banks, ECA, and even exporters. This mix, together with a positive, results-driven attitude and an interest in new technology and innovation, provides solutions for the needs of each client that we welcome here in Raiffeisenbank Czech Republic (RBCZ) every day.”

–Petr Fiala, Head of Trade Finance & Factoring, Raiffeisenbank Czech Republic

Petr Fiala
© JakubDavid

Save the Date: Research webinar on 29 April

Raiffeisen Research: Inflation in the Euro Area and CEE
29 April 2021, 11 a.m. CEST

Inflation has gone up both in Western and Eastern Europe. This caused worries of surging prices and higher interest rates. But what is behind the development and what will be next?

Tune in for the answers from our Vienna and CEE based analyst team! Invitation to follow soon!

Research webinar

IPS: Check out our new holistic brokerage offering

Our newly formed genuine trading hub combines more than 50+ international equity markets, 30+ international ETD markets, even more custody markets and extensive research in one solution – in short IPS.

Institutional Prime Services is a bundle of services built around the idea of maximizing client experience by providing a full range of services related to the brokerage and execution agency business as well as to auxiliary services facilitating the access.

The idea is to create a holistic, unified point of access for institutional clients of RBI.

We have talked to the masterminds behind it! Read all about it in the story 'Prime Example' from our latest GIS Press magazine edition.

IPS team
From left to right: Anton Kenyaykin, Günter Englhart and Mario Schaffer

A Frenchman's guide to cheese

What would the Institutional Clients newsletter be without the occasional culinary contribution? This time around, we have chatted with Jerome Martin, Institutional Clients West & Overseas about one of the major pillars of French cuisine: 'Le fromage'.

Did you know how to store cheese ideally and that red wine with cheese is a big no-no? Watch our video to find out more!

And for everyone who has now vouched to become a French cheese expert, the adjacent overview might substitute your next shopping list.

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