Sponsoring: We are a cooperation partner in numerous projects.


© Fotograf Göran Strand (IIHF/HHOF)
Eishockey sponsored by Raiffeisen

Our sponsorship projects also make a positive contribution to the development of society.


In the context of the principle of 'helping people to help themselves', RBI, often in cooperation with various NGOs, offers support in the form of sponsorships in the areas of education, science and research, art and culture, sports, as well as for charitable initiatives and environmental activities, in addition to donations.

We define our mission with respect to our Sponsorship and Donations Policy as follows:

  • RBI works to strengthen democracy, the rule of law, and social cohesion and diversity.
  • RBI is engaged in advancing international exchange and understanding with a strong focus on the European Union in general and CEE in particular ('bridging').
  • RBI supports the pursuit of excellence as a means of promoting relevant progress in society – be it in civic, economic, academic or cultural life.
  • RBI supports initiatives that address social causes.