Novak Djokovic
We have chosen the best.


Novak Djokovic: Always choose the best

In April 2021 we announced our partnership with Novak Djokovic, the tennis player longest holding the no.1 position – more than 6 years – in history. 

congrats nole!

We congratulate our brand ambassador Novak Djokovic on winning the French Open for the second time!

It was an epic final game and we are very proud of our partnership with the No. 1 of the tennis world.

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic

'I am very honored to become a brand ambassador for Raiffeisen and partner with them on a very important project for me – my academy in Belgrade.'

Always choose the best. 
On 20 May, two days ahead of Novak Djokovic’s 34th birthday, we released the first international commercial featuring Novak.

Selecting the best ball for a strong service is a traditional tennis habit. How would you choose the best?

Behind the scenes

The 'Making of' of the commercial shows exclusive views behind the scenes. It was recorded in mid-March in Novak Djokovic's residence in Monte Carlo, Monaco and at the center court of the Monte Carlo Tennis Club.


Get a sneak peek behind the curtains, impressions from this day and statements from all involved in the creation of the commercial. Find out why Novak and Raiffeisen are a perfect match (pun intended)!

Nole's notions

COMING SOON: We recorded an exclusive interview and asked Novak Djokovic about both the funny things and serious aspects of life. What do values mean to him? What's his favourite breakfast? What are his plans for his tennis academy?


Stay tuned for more content in June!

Connect directly to Novak

Do you want to learn more about Novak Djokovic? Visit his website to read all about his track record, his foundation, personal facts, etc. and stay up to date on his tennis schedule and latest results!