Sportsponsoring in Austria began in 1970 with the cooperation between the Raiffeisen Banking Group and the soccer team of Rapid Vienna. Raiffeisen became a pioneer of sponsoring as a new method of communication. In 1971, the cooperation with Niki Lauda followed – with Raiffeisen as his sponsor at the beginning of his great racing driver career.


Foundation stones of success  - PRINCIPLES

The Raiffeisen Banking Group has built its sportponsoring strategy on these principles:

  • Concentration on a few types of sport, with guaranteed quota and effect
  • Synergy effects at federal, provincial and local levels in accordance with the three-tier structure of the Raiffeisen Banking Group
  • Conformance of the sponsoring partner with the Raiffeisen brand – above all positive image profile, credibility, role model
  • Continuity – short-term commitments do not offer any benefits for the sponsor and the sponsored
  • Partnership – building up a personal relationship, not merely creating a formal partnership of convenience

At the Austrian level, Raiffeisen is a partner to top-level sport and therefore achieves a strong media presence. The federal presence is supplemented by regional and local activities of the regional banks and local banks: These concentrate on the sponsorship of popular sports and the next generation of sportsmen and women, thereby creating the financial basis for the training of future athletes – and bringing everything full circle.


The cooperation with aces Marcel Hirscher and Max Franz rounds off the commitment of Raiffeisen in alpine skiing, which has lasted for many decades.

Apart from the sponsorship of individual athletes, Raiffeisen has also been the partner bank at all the major events of recent decades: the 1976 Olympic Games in Innsbruck, the 1982 Alpine Skiing World Championship in Schladming, the 1985 Nordic Skiing World Championship in Seefeld, the 1999 Nordic Skiing World Championship in Ramsau, the 2001 Alpine Skiing World Championship in St. Anton and the 2013 Alpine Skiing World Championship in Schladming.


Alongside alpine skiing, football is the most popular type of sport in Austria and has enormously wide appeal, with around 600,000 active players and 2,200 football clubs. The cooperation with the Austrian national football team and the cooperation with the Austrian Football Federation (ÖFB) therefore continue to play an important role in the sponsoring strategy of Raiffeisen.

The cooperation with the ÖFB, which has existed since 2003, forms a nationwide bracket across local and regional football sponsorship of the Regional Raiffeisen Banks and the local Raiffeisen Banks. More than half of all Austrian football clubs are sponsored by Raiffeisen.


Hermann Maier retired from active skiing in 2009. Public interest in Hermann Maier has been almost unbroken since then. Jointly responsible for the interest is probably due to the Hermann's exceptional position as both personality and advertising testimonial, which developed in parallel to his position as one of the best skiers of all time. Studies confirm that Hermann Maier is one of the best-known Austrian sportsmen, but is viewed far above all others as extraordinary, charismatic, successful and very much his own man.


An incredible career

  • 54  x  World Cup Races Winner
  •   4  x  Total World Cup Winner
  • 10  x  Discipline World Cup Winner
  •   2  x  Olympic Winner
  •   3  x  World Champion


The Raiffeisen advertising campaigns with Hermann Maier – about 40 campaigns in the past 20 years - continue to achieve the best advertising values of all Austrian banks and have been a cult for years.