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We Are Your Safety Net

With our hedging products, we offer customized solutions to optimize your market risk.

Hedging | Institutions | RBI

Hedging is an essential part of every investor’s daily business. With the help of our experts, you will be able to protect your portfolio efficiently and limit your currency, interest or commodity risks in a very competitive way. 

We can offer you a broad range of products in different segments, that fit your needs. Our sales team acts as a center of competence for all your matters and is your link to the international securities markets.

Foreign Exchange

We are the top player in CEE & CIS currencies with local market presence. We are offering a comprehensive FX product portfolio (Spot, Forward, Swap, Option, NDF) adequate for hedging purposes. Our pricing is very competitive and includes reliable rates for more than 100 currency pairs.

Despite the major currencies, we are active in Emerging Markets, Asia, Africa as well as in Latin America. Moreover, we provide price streaming to all major multi-dealer platforms and so adapting to the new digital environment.

Exchange Traded Futures & Options

Our derivatives desk is offering a broad range of exchange traded futures & options that are perfectly eligible for hedging or speculative purposes, at low cost and limited risk. Every major and common product can be traded, more specific ones can be requested. This include Fixed Income, Equity Indices, Currencies as well as Commodities (no physical delivery).

We have access to almost every exchange worldwide and are very present in the most important ones such as CME, CBOT, NYMEX, EUREX, MONEP etc. Take advantage of the regulated and transparent markets and we will help you to protect your portfolio.

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Interest Rates

We employ an extensive range of expertise in interest rate and derivative products and can help our customers manage their interest rate exposure risks in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We offer a broad array of interest rate products, across a variety of currencies, that include interest rate swaps, inflation derivatives and complex structured solutions to name a few.

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