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As a registered user for one or more of our digital services, you can use this page to navigate our online portals. Log in and start banking!

Digital Banking Services


myRaiffeisen Digital Services

Easily log in to myRaiffeisen using single sign-on and benefit from a growing number of digital services (for example eKYC, Group eAccount Opening, eTradeOn, eFinance, eSignature, and more). 

Payments & Cash Management

RBI Payment Tracker

Tracking your international payments has never been easier! Fast, transparent end-to-end payment tracking of your international gpi payment orders via RBI.  

CM Billing Solution

Gain group-wide transparency on cash management and payment related fees and stay flexible with our Cash Management Billing Solution (CMBS). 

Cash Pooling

Our cash pooling solutions improve your liquidity management, group-wide interest result and efficiency in daily business. 

Virtual Accounts

Virtual Accounts streamline cash and liquidity management and simplify your bank account structures.

Virtual IBAN

Virtual IBANs automate the reconciliation of your receivables by virtual payment allocation. It's simple and saves you time and money! 

Markets & Investment Banking

Cash Management and Investment Banking

Raiffeisen Research

The platform for leading financial research with a special focus on CEE, Austria and the Euro area. Get comprehensive insights into current economic and capital market trends. Our experts produce in-depth, timely and actionable analyses covering a broad range of markets, industries and companies.

Group Prime Services

Your unified app and web-based interface for all global prime services. It offers full API connectivity and is constantly enhanced with new features by our agile team. From brokerage to custody solutions: Experience the whole investor service range. 

Asset Management

We offer a diverse selection of fund products that are managed according to the highest sustainability standards, following clear investment guidelines as well as a structured investment process.

Raiffeisen Certificates

Simplify your search for investment products with the certificate finder. Given the wide range of products on the secondary market, it is important to choose the right certificate to match the current market situation.

vc Trade

Vc Trade is the leading platform provider in the market, offering all market participants fast and convenient access to all private debt products, while unifying and standardising as many process steps as possible.

Trade & Export Finance Services

Trade Finance


The digital way to your export credit. We offer buyer’s credits for importers covered by export credit agencies from 2 to 10 million euros. Digitally and efficiently - a win-win situation for exporters and importers. For first time registration please contact us by email or phone.

Paul Feichtinger


Request and amend bank guarantees easily online. All data is available in real-time. Access all relevant documents and a complete overview is available with just a few clicks.

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