sustainable finance
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We support you in our joint efforts to have a positive impact on climate change.


Sustainable finance does not mean only financing windmills or solar panels. A broad field of activities can be eligible for sustainable finance. Our customers profit from tailored solutions carefully prepared by our in-house sustainable lending experts. 

Companies that are willing to comply with the EU Taxonomy and are contributing to a positive impact on climate change, can be eligible for green financing. This applies also for rather CO2 intensive industries, such as the production of steel, cement or aluminum, as well as for the transport and the energy sector. We support our clients in all aspects of sustainable activities with the corresponding financing.

We align our business strategy with climate change and society’s goals. By offering sustainable lending products we create value for our customers’ businesses. Our sustainable finance framework is set up in an agile way to leverage from different business lines and industry professionals.

We strive to offer the most beneficial lending product, aligned with the best industry practice and benchmarked to the regulatory requirements for carbon-neutral, EU-Taxonomy eligible industry activity. Our sustainable lending policy is linked to climate change and societal impact. We support our customers to finance activities contributing to

  • sustainable cities and communities
  • waste management
  • green energy
  • water management
  • circular economy
  • green buildings
  • healthcare
  • diversity
  • education etc.

Green Real Estate Finance

We support a transition to zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 in the real estate industry – an industry that contributes to roughly 40% of all CO2 emissions. To tackle the global climate change challenge, we build successful synergies with sustainable real estate customers.


We offer Green Real Estate Loans to finance sustainable real estate projects with a positive, measurable environmental impact. Our green loan can help our residential real estate and commercial real estate customers fund energy efficiency, energy saving, refurbishment with improvement in energy label, green buildings projects. Environment-friendly real estate generates higher property value in the long term. Hence, our customers become more profitable, sustainable, prepared for a zero-carbon future, innovative and competitive.


Green Real Estate Loan is a beneficial, win-win financial product that meets expectations of customers, regulators and society.    

Green Project Finance

Our values are based on profit with purpose considering environmental and social impact. We offer our customers green lending products to fund projects that provide measurable environmental benefits. In the context of new global sustainable development and climate challenge, green project loans help our customers to address the transition to carbon-neutral technologies.

Green Investment Finance

New investments (CAPEX) with a green impact can be eligible for a green loan. We offer preferable conditions for green loans that are meeting predefined criteria. Typical examples: investments in energy efficiency improvements within the production process, green transport, green buildings or green energy. In addition to green financing, we also advise you with regards to the EU-Taxonomy (where applicable), promotional financing and corresponding Austrian subsidy programs.


We are happy to offer you a subsidy check! Find out more about our subsidized financing here:

ESG-linked Corporate Finance

If a general purpose corporate finance is your preferred solution, the financing can be linked to ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) key performance indicators such as: amount of CO2 reduction, waste reduction, water saving, quota of recycling material. The focus here is set on the ESG performance of the issuer/borrower and not on a specific investment or project.

Green bonds

Green bonds are bonds with a dedication of the proceeds towards green projects with a measurable positive effect on the environment. Get an overview of the allocation of issuance proceeds, the green loan portfolio and its environmental impact.

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