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Digital Services

Digital Services

Take your business banking experience to the next level with our cutting-edge digital solutions.

Maximum Efficiency

Our digital procedures help with the streamlining of administrative tasks. Our platforms provide you with a clear overview of your banking interactions.

Connect With Your Systems

Simplify your banking experience with our single sign-on solution to access a wide range of services.

Stay in Control

Rely on top level security features, ensuring a safe environment for both your data and transactions. Maximum transparency ensures you stay in control.

Flexible. Efficient. Secure

Our Digital Services

We provide digital solutions for cash management, including international payment tracking, fee transparency, cash pooling, Virtual Accounts, and Open APIs for an efficient and reliable experience.

Cash Management Billing Solution

Cash Management Billing Solution

We focus on group-wide transparency of cash management and payment related fees and offer flexibility with our CM Billing Solution.

Payment Tracker

RBI Payment Tracker

Tracking your international payments has never been easier. We convince with speed, transparency and end-to-end payment tracking.

Open API Cash Management

Open APIs in Cash Management

Our Open API technology is enabling secure and reliable real-time data accessibility to meet ever-evolving treasury needs in the digital era.


Cash Management E-Banking: CMI@Web

Your top choice for digitized, streamlined and consolidated daily cash management operations.

Group eAccount Opening

Group eAccount Opening

Open business accounts in all banks of RBI Group – fast and easy.

cps@web_ the Cash Pooling digital service

Your Cash Pooling Tool: CPS@Web

Conveniently access all pooling-relevant information in our cash pooling online application.

vam@web_ the Virtual Account Management digital service

Virtual Account Management: VAM@Web

Our user-friendly application offers comprehensive information about Virtual IBANs and Virtual Accounts.

Whether you are looking to invest, mitigate risks, or conduct securities and investment banking business, our experts and digital solutions can assist you.

Global Prime Services

Group Prime Services

From brokerage to custody solutions, experience the whole group prime services range via our global investor gate.

Asset Management

Asset Management

We offer a diverse selection of fund products that are managed according to the highest sustainability standards.

VC Trade

vc trade

vc trade is the leading platform provider in the market, offering all market participants fast and convenient access to all private debt products.

Raiffeisen Certificates

Raiffeisen Certificates

Simplify your search for investment products with the certificate finder and choose the right certificate to match the current market situation.

Leveraging our extensive experience and innovative digital solutions, we empower your cross-border business with secure and expedited solutions, be it export credits or bank guarantees.



Digital, efficient buyer’s credits for importers, offering fast export credit covered by an Export Credit Agency. A win-win for exporters and importers.



Request and amend bank guarantees online, with real-time data, easy access to documents, and a complete overview of requests and guarantees.

Raiffeisen Research

Raiffeisen Research

Access comprehensive CEE, Austria & Euro area insights on our digital research platform. Experts provide in-depth, timely financial analysis of markets, industries & companies.

Access Multiple Digital Services in One Single Platform With myRaiffeisen

Transform your corporate banking experience with myRaffeisen. No more logging into multiple platforms or navigating through various interfaces.

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