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Transform your banking experience as an institutional client

Are you tired of juggling various banking tools and services? Look no further! With myRaiffeisen Digital Services, you'll have access to an all-in-one single-sign on platform that makes your digital banking experience convenient, safe, and efficient.

  • Flexibility is at the core of our solution suite. We understand that every business has unique needs, which is why we adapt our product offerings to cater to your specific requirements. Whether you need access to a limited number of features or want to use our platform as a central access point to all your RBI services, myRaiffeisen Digital Services is the channel of choice for corporate, institutional clients and banks.
  • Say goodbye to administrative hassles and save precious time with our digital onboarding processes. Going through KYC processes specifically for banks, asset managers, insurances and more has never been easier and quicker. Our advanced technologies such as single sign-on and digital signatures ensure a transparent, efficient, and harmonized banking experience for your business.
  • But we don't stop there! We are constantly updating and expanding myRaiffeisen Digital Services based on feedback from our corporate, institutional and banking customers. You can trust us to keep you up to date with the latest features and improvements, ensuring that you always have the best digital banking experience possible.
  • Next to onboarding features, we constantly thrive to support your daily business with features such as our Global Investor Gate, Raiffeisen Research, Certificates Finder, FX-Raiffeisen, Cash Management Billing Solution and much more!

Our Capital Markets & Investment Banking Services


Effortlessly and securely access myRaiffeisen using Single Sign-On technology, and benefit from a rapidly growing number of digital services to comprehensively cover your unique banking requirements.


We digitized the KYC process for banks, asset managers, insurances and more to make it easier, faster and more secure for you. Benefit from automatically provided data, prefilled information, secure data transfer.


Our fully digital Payment Questionnaire for correspondent banks, significantly simplified and digitized the traditionally tedious process of filing paper forms- it includes automated coherency screening on payment volumes.


Sign your RBI contracts within just a few clicks, independent of your location and time. Benefit from a user-friendly interface that ensures a fast, comfortable, safe and hassle-free process.

Video identification

Enjoy an effective and flexible way to verify your identity online. Our employees guide you personally through the process and complete the identification with you step by step.

Interested in our digital banking services for institutional clients? Request access now!

Fill in the form and our experts will process your request in the briefest delays. Please note that these services are only available to institutional clients (banks, insurances, asset managers, funds, Payment Service Providers, Money Service Providers, sovereigns, etc.).

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