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Payment and Cash Mgmt

For the everyday banking needs of financial market players

As a financial player, you deserve nothing but the best when it comes to Payments, Account and Clearing Services. That's why RBI offers cutting-edge Cash Management solutions that are designed to provide efficient, seamless, and secure banking experiences.

  • Our cross-border payments enable you to transact globally with speed and accuracy, saving you time and resources and providing utmost transparency as well as security. 
  • Acting as a gateway to CEE, RBI offers a wide Account and RMA Network as well as Clearing Services in multiple currencies to institutional clients.
  • With our centralized and harmonized payments & account reporting offering, you can easily manage your payments and accounts worldwide. To further cater to your unique requirements, our API offering makes it simple and convenient for you to integrate our services into your existing workflows. Our palette of services is constantly expanding, giving you more options to cover your existing and future needs.
  • We understand that every institution has specific needs, which is why we offer a variety of services that can be combined with one another to increase efficiency and automate processes. From customizable solutions to advanced tools for enhanced liquidity management for non-bank FIs, our services are designed to empower your business with the flexibility and convenience you need to stay ahead in today's dynamic financial landscape

Experience the future of banking for institutional clients with our digital payments and cash management services. Let us help you optimize your financial operations, streamline your processes, and achieve your financial objectives.

Register your interest and unlock the full potential of our innovative solutions for your everyday banking needs!

What our customers say:

The Payment Tracker offers unique transparency regarding the status of international payments. This reduces our efforts tremendously.”

Our Payments & Cash Management Services:

Open APIs

Our Open API technology enables a secure and reliable real-time experience to meet the ever-evolving treasury needs. In the digital age, Open API technology allows embedded finance options to enrich the customer experience. We are offering our payments and account reporting services via Open APIs, but also value-added services such as bank account information, or pre-validation services.

SWIFT gpi & RBI Payment Tracker

Tracking your international payments has never been easier! We convince with speed, transparency, and comprehensive end-to-end payment tracking. 

CM Billing Solution

We focus on group-wide transparency on Cash Management and payment related fees and offer flexibility with our CM Billing solution. You can display the number of transactions and fee overviews and easily import the data as camt.086.


With ePIC, our digital Payment Questionnaire for correspondent banks, we have significantly simplified and digitized the traditionally tedious process of filing paper forms. This platform includes all the necessary payment details, ensuring full compliance with regulatory requirements, allowing users to update their information easily with just a single click.  

Virtual IBANs

Virtual IBANs automate the reconciliation of receivables by virtual payment allocation. Benefit from RBI's simple and cost-saving solution to centralise your cash and liquidity management as well as to simplify bank account structures. Please note that besides corporates the Virtual IBANs service is offered to non-bank FIs such as insurances.

Interested in our Payments & Cash Management services for Institutional Clients? Request access now!

Fill in the form and our experts will process your request in the briefest delays. Please note that these services are only available to institutional clients (banks, insurances, asset managers, funds, Payment Service Providers, Money Service Providers, sovereigns, etc...):  

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