Have you got a question about your application?

Take a look at our application process. It ensures that your application quickly finds its way to the right place.

Application Process

Our recruitment process has a clear and transparent structure in order to give every applicant equal chances and to make sure your application quickly finds its way to right place.


Apply online via our career portal.

Internal analysis of the documents

Your documents will be screened by our Recruiting Team, who then forward these to the responsible manager.

Initial Interview

You will be invited to an interview. The manager and someone from Human Resources will be present at this interview.


You will receive feedback within 10-14 days.

Second interview

You will be invited to a second interview with the manager. An informal meeting with the department may potentially take place.


The manager of the department makes a decision.

Concrete offer

You will receive a job offer from the Human Resources department.

Contract signing

The employment contract will be signed by both you and us.

Get started

Your first working day will start with a welcome event.