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Our key areas of action

Our actions impact not only the economy, but also society and the environment in general. Our sustainability matrix identifies the key actions in these three areas. We work on the implementation across the whole Group to successively improve sustainability in all fields of activity.

Responsible banker

Responsible Banker

We are a responsible group of companies, which is also reflected in our products, services and processes. The core business is the most effective lever for sustainable development.Therefore we believe that the granting of loans and investment of funds represent a primary responsibility and the most important fields of action for creating sustainable success and economies. In all of our areas of business and products, we strive to build long-term profitable business relations, while avoiding social and environmental risks, embracing opportunities to improve environmental protection and social standards.

Sustainability Strategy: Responsible Banker
RBI Sustainability Matrix

Fair partner

Fair partner

We treat stakeholder groups (employees, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders) as fair business and dialogue partners. Within the framework of our business and operating practices we lay great value on responsibility and sustainability and consider ourselves partners that have fair and valuable interactions with its stakeholders. Transparency: reporting on our commitment to sustainability and publishing measurable targets, measures and achieved goals, is a central general management principle.
Another is responsible and fair practices in marketing, sales and contracts. We foster and promote open and constructive dialogue with our stakeholders. We want to understand the expectations of our most important stakeholders and direct our opportunities accordingly.

Sustainability Strategy: Fair Partner
RBI Sustainability Matrix

Engaged citizen

Engaged Citizen

We consider ourselves to be an engaged citizen. As such, we are actively involved in the sustainable development of our society. Our commitment to corporate citizenship extends beyond its core business to aims such as addressing social problems, promoting sustainable business and protecting the environment, as well as supporting cultural life and an open civil society. Diversity, tolerance and a strong focus on people are the mainstay of our efforts to bring about forward-thinking developments in society.

Sustainability Strategy: Engaged Citizen
RBI Sustainability Matrix