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A clear goal and strategy

We have developed a concise strategy framework in order to achieve our goal of creating sustainable value for our group, society and the environment. We invest a lot of effort into our key matters of creating value, building trust and achieving transformation.

Main points

We trade in all business fields with the aim of being a responsible banker, a fair partner and an engaged citizen.

Value creation

Value creation means we want to secure the long-term success as a regional and international banking and corporate group through sustainable value creation, and encourage the competitiveness and innovation capacity of companies, organizations and public institutes.


For us, trust is an important prerequisite for successful banking. We can build on the existing trust of our customers, employees, stakeholders and other key groups. There is, however, no guarantee. To maintain this trust requires effort and for it to be earned. Sustainable management, fair and transparent business and operating practices and involving our stakeholder groups in sustainable development are central building blocks in this regard.


Transformation means that we want to play an active role in addressing major societal challenges, particularly where we can make a difference. Our role as a social stakeholder means enabling and maintaining sustainability and wellbeing in society as well as possible. Through our commitment to sustainability as a socially responsible business, we want to contribute to the development of an environmentally friendly society and a civil society supported by sustainable entrepreneurship.

Framework setup

Sustainable strategy framework diagram