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Diverse Office Conference Room Meeting: Asian Female Project Manager Presents Digital Business Expansion Strategy for Investment Team, Uses Wall TV with Big Data Analysis, e-Commerce Infographics.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our more than 17 million customers in 12 markets and around 44,000 employees represent a diversity of perspectives, abilities, experiences, and needs. 

We appreciate this diversity, and we aim to be an inclusive workplace that offers an environment and working conditions that are equally attractive to all employees and that benefit them equally.​

Our values and initiatives

Group of poeple discussing

Values: Anti discrimination

We actively promote equality, irrespective of origin, sexual orientation, culture, gender, age, language, income, religious convictions or disability. Our Group-wide Code of Conduct clearly states that we will not tolerate any form of discrimination. This is also explicitly regulated in our recruitment policies with respect to job applications.​

Initiative: Diversity & Inclusion strategy

The RBI Group Diversity and Inclusion Policy defines the attitudes, roles and responsibilities concerning the topic and sets out the principles for implementing a diversity and inclusion strategy within the Group. Diversity and Inclusion officers have been appointed and local strategies have been adopted at all key RBI subsidiaries.​

Graph Women in leadership

Initiative: Women in top management

We aim to contribute to the implementation of SDG 5 and SDG 8 with our measures in the area of diversity and inclusion management. Specifically, this means ending all forms of discrimination towards women and ensuring that women can fully and effectively participate and that they have equal opportunity in taking on management roles on all levels of decision-making.​

Our employee networks

Initiative: IT women empowerment

The fourth edition of CIO/COO Women's Initiatives is here. Our goal is to help build a vibrant network and support women in their self-development.

Employee network: Embrace

Embrace is an Employee Resource Group consisting of members of the LGBTQI+ community and straight allies (heterosexual individuals who actively support LGBTQI+) dedicated to the topic of LGBTQI+ diversity & inclusion. 
It's main objective is to enlighten all employees about the positive impact of diversity and LGBTQI+ inclusion through workshops, events with external speakers, interviews, podcasts and the intranet.The Embrace team is composed of an ally and sponsor from the RBI Board, ten core members, and 180 Embrace allies from the RBI Group. 

Employee Network: Diversity & Inclusion: compliance and ADC

The D&I Initiative is driven by Compliance & ADC colleagues who are passionate about the topic and aim to create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all employees. The ultimate goal is to create a workplace culture that values the unique contributions of every employee.In our Division, we strive to ensure that each employee can: BE their self, ACHIEVE their best as part of our team and has FAIR OPPORTUNITIES  for career development.

Employee Network: Women in risk

Women in Risk is an initiative program driven by the women in Risk Area, dedicated to empowering women, fostering discussions around women's concerns, strengthening female career advancement and leadership. This includes offering networking events, workshops, forums and panel discussions. The initiative strives to create a more inclusive and open environment for women in risk-related professions, ultimately paving the way for their success and advancement, and bridge the gender gap.