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Mission Statement

We act in a socially responsible manner, fostering the long-term welfare of the people and businesses in our markets.

More on our mission statement

RBI has always focused on people, and its new vision goes even further. With the Vision 2025 that it presented in 2019 – ”We are the most recommended financial services group“ – RBI is clearly showing that it wants to be more than just a bank for its customers. Its various initiatives as an engaged citizen help to ensure that its activities go far beyond its core business. To make this vision a reality, RBI‘s mission is formulated as follows:

”We transform continuous innovation into superior customer experience.“

This is tied to the promise to the general public to ”act in a socially responsible manner, fostering the long-term welfare of the people and businesses in our markets“ which thus became RBI’s mission statement within the area of sustainability. This is consistent with RBI‘s sustainability strategy, the aim of which is to generate sustainable value.

More on Our Mission Statement

In order to fulfill our responsibility as a regional and international banking group in all criteria for sustainable development, we have made our commitment to sustainability broader and more complete. In 2010, we started to develop a systematic sustainability management system.

The core of our current sustainability strategy reads: "We create sustainable value.". The strategy lays out our short, medium and long-term goals in the form of nine strategic and operational core areas.

We focus on actions that have a large potential for effective sustainable development and which are considered to be important by us as well as our stakeholders.
The strategy is built on Raiffeisen values and defines a clear path. In order to create sustainable value for our stakeholders in times of global interdependence and highly variable social, ecological and economic framework conditions, we focus on three key matters, which we have formulated as our contribution to sustainable development: value creation, trust and transformation.