do you have specific questions about your application?

Our FAQs might help answer them.

frequently asked questions

Do you have a specific question about the posts we offer? Our FAQs might answer them. If you are new to the industry, you might find our banking glossary helpful.

If you could not find your answer here, our Recruitment Team is happy to help you: +43 1 71707 8100

Job still available?

How do I know if a post that has been advertised is still available?

All the job offers that we put online are up-to-date. Take a look at our Career Portal!

Part-Time student Jobs

How can I get a part-time job while I'm still studying?

We offer student jobs with working hours between 8 and 25 hours per week across a whole range of areas. Find out more about entry options or go directly to our Career Portal to find current job postings.

Raiffeisen subsidiaries

Which Raiffeisen company am I actually applying to?

Our career platform also covers numerous RBI subsidiaries in Austria. If you want to find out more about RBI Group, check out the overview on our group of companies.

address the application

To whom should I address my application?

Please apply online via our Career Portal. You can of course address the responsible recruitment contact in your cover letter. Have a look at our contact persons and their responsibilities.

application process for internship posts

How can I obtain an internship post and when does the application process start?

Our internships always start in March and September. The application process starts around four months earlier. Find out more about these entry options or go directly to our Career Portal to find current internship postings.

holiday jobs and summer internships

Do you also offer holiday jobs for school pupils or summer internships?

In our view, it makes more sense to offer posts at RBI and its subsidiaries to people who have already passed their school-leaving examinations and obtained the qualification for university entrance (known as Matura in Austria). We therefore focus on students in higher education (where we do offer summer internships, if applicable). Find out more about our general entry-level options.

recruitment process duration

How long does the entire application and recruitment process take? Is it possible to skip certain steps?

We have outlined our application process in detail. The duration depends on the job offered and the number of incoming applications. In certain circumstances, it is possible to skip individual steps.

trainee programme

Which trainee programmes can I apply for?

We offer a comprehensive, award-winning trainee programme that includes experience abroad: Corporate Banking at RBI. Find out more about this programme in our entry options section.

i don't have all the listed qualifications

Should I still apply for the job if I don't meet all the requirements listed?

Don't let this put you off. If you have the majority of the qualifications listed, you will certainly still have a chance. This always depends on the post and the number of applicants.

banking terminology

I haven't worked in banking before. How can I get some basic information and terminology?

For all those who are new to the industry, we have compiled a banking glossary where you can read more on the most important banking terminology.

language skills

How important are language skills if I want to apply to RBI?

This depends on the specific post. In general, English is our main corporate language, so this will always be an important factor. Other languages required are set out in detail in the respective job offers. This will include the level required, such as native speaker, proficient, advanced or below.

job fairs

Which job fairs do you attend?

To take one example, we have a stand at Career Calling in Vienna. On our website, we keep you updated which fairs we're attending. Find out more on our cooperation arrangements with universities. 

unsolicited application

How can I submit an unsolicited application?

In principle, you have the best chance of success if you apply for a current advertised vacancy. However, if you can't find a post suitable for you, we also have an area for unsolicited applications. Find out more on our Career Portal.

international jobs

How can I get a job abroad with one of RBI's subsidiaries?

Our subsidiaries abroad will be happy to assist you. Find your desired country on our international network overview.

Glossary of Banking terminology

Banking has its own jargon. Obviously, insiders know what Basel III or SEPA are all about. All newcomers can refer to our brief and easy to follow explanations of the most important terminology.