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Cash Pooling

Tailored cash pooling structures help you centralize your liquidity, optimize your interest income and improve efficiency. Steer your cash flows smoothly across multiple markets.

Liquidity Management Optimized

Central steering of liquidity within the group enables your head office to manage cash flows most efficiently in day-to-day business.

Increased Interest Income

Balance your accounts across subsidiaries and countries and optimize your group-wide interest result.

Solutions Tailored to You

We design the optimal cash pooling structure based on your specific needs and requirements.

Cash Pooling: Local & Cross-Border

Whether your accounts are held at RBI and the Raiffeisen Banking Group in Austria, at Raiffeisen Network Banks in CEE or selected partner banks in Western Europe: Our range covers cash pooling solutions tailor-made for you.

Cash Pooling Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing involves physical concentration of liquidity on a master account held with RBI. Balances on pool accounts are transferred to the master account on a daily basis with original value date.

Notional Cash Pooling

Notional Pooling compensates the value-date balances on the involved pool accounts on a purely arithmetical basis for the purpose of optimizing interest results. 
We offer both classic Notional Pooling in one single currency or Cross-Currency Notional Pooling which includes RBI accounts in different currencies.

Cross-Border Cash Pooling

Across multiple countries and markets, we offer flexible pooling structures

  • Cross-Border Target Balancing (effective pooling based on SWIFT messages)
  • Cross-Border Zero Balancing (effective pooling with original value date)
  • Cross-Border Margin Pooling (interest optimization for various countries and currencies)

digital services: CPS@Web

Conveniently access all pooling-relevant information in our Cash Pooling online application.

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