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Direct Connections

Manage your finances in real-time, with the direct connection of your choice – from EBICS, SWIFT and host-2-host to our latest innovation, Open APIs. 

Banking Where You Are

Stay flexible with multiple connection possibilities, directly from your system to ours. 

Top-Notch Security and Efficiency

Direct connections are encrypted and follow the highest industry standards.

Benefit From Innovations

With Open API technology, your cash management is bound to become even faster and more optimized.

Discover Your Ideal Direct Connection

Electronic banking, customized for your company: With the connection of your choice, securely transmit encrypted data while easily staying tied into the daily payment run and the distributed authorizations. A combination of channels is also possible – our experts are happy to help you find the right solution for you.


The Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard (EBICS) is used for electronic data transfer between corporate clients and banks. We support the following EBICS versions: 

  • H003 (EBICS 2.4)
  • H004 (EBICS 2.5

SWIFT for Corporates

We offer different transfer mechanisms (messaging services) for exchanging data:

  • FIN
  • FileAct in real-time mode
  • FileAct in store-and-forward mode messaging

SWIFT for Corporates

SWIFT is a financial industry owned co-operative providing secure and standardized messaging services and interface software to more than 9,700 banking organizations, securities institutions and corporate customers in more than 200 countries.

Originally, only banks were allowed to profit from SWIFTNet. In 2001, SWIFT opened its services to corporate customers. Instead of a multi-bank solution, corporate customers can now choose one of our offered SWIFT solutions to reach all their banks through one single platform:

  • MA-CUG (Member Administered Closed User Group)
    RBI has maintained a MA-CUG as system administrator since September 2004 and offers corporates to join this service as a so-called ‘service participant’.
  • SCORE (Standardized CORporate Environment)
    As a further development in 2007, SWIFT introduced a new access model called SCORE. Therein SWIFT acts as system administrator and allows corporates and banks to exchange messages. In contrast to MA-CUG, the communication with all participants is possible after a single registration.

RBI offers different transfer mechanisms (messaging services) for exchanging data:

  • FIN (MT101, MT940, …)
  • FileAct in real-time mode
  • FileAct in real-time mode messaging



A host-to-host connection is a direct and secure connection established between two computer systems (hosts) belonging to different institutions. This connection enables the exchange of financial data and transactions between those institutions. We offer flexible host-to-host connections according to your needs, like FTP / SFTP / FTP-PGP encryption or CONNECT:DIRECT.

Open APIs

Open APIs provide opportunities across all domains of treasury services. Access real-time payment data in a direct and hassle-free way. This service is continuously enhanced by new innovative solutions to meet current requirements.

Secure User Verification With Corporate Seal

Corporate Seal simplifies and accelerates the user verification process to a very high degree.

Simplified User Verification

Verifying exchanged data (including payments and statements) on customer level as a legal person in an efficient way.

Safe Connection

The ‘secure corporate payment system’ includes a secured and encrypted connection between customers and RBI and a unique customer ID.

No Signature Card Needed

Relevant authorized persons will centrally be identified by RBI, but need no local specimen signature card in addition.

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