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Payment Services

International and domestic payments are our core business: Process payments quickly, transparently and reliably to and from the CEE markets as well as globally.

Fast and Reliable

Thanks to our strong network in the Raiffeisen group and participation in various clearing systems.


Track your incoming and outgoing payments with our state-of-the-art online tools.


We take part in SWIFT’s global payment innovation and work with a reliable correspondent bank network.

Connecting You With the CEE Region and the Entire World

From domestic to cross-border payments, from Euro to exotic currencies: We cover the whole range and ensure easy, secure and efficient processing.

Euro Payments

In addition to the standard SEPA payment transfers, we offer a wide range of complementary products like

  • SEPA Credit Transfer
  • SEPA Instant Payment
  • SEPA Direct Debit Core and B2B

International Payments

Process your cross-border payments fast, securely and low-cost – from accounts in Euro or 35 foreign currencies. 

As a direct member of all main European clearing systems, we offer high quality and competitive terms, for instance fixed and transparent unit prices for processing transactions.

RBI Intra Group Payments within the Raiffeisen network in CEE are processed with same day value and at better conditions.

SWIFT gpi: A New Era in Payments

As the first bank in Austria, we started a new age in international payments business with the introduction of SWIFT gpi (global payments innovation). Increased transparency and same-day use of funds have become the new standard for international payments.

How it works

  1. All outgoing international payments are verified whether our correspondent bank supports the gpi standard, and the shortest and most efficient way of execution is selected. 
  2. If all criteria for SWIFT gpi are fulfilled, the payment will be booked real-time as gCCT (gpi Customer Credit Transfer) with same day value (otherwise it is executed as a standard international payment). 
  3. All involved gpi-enabled correspondent banks forward the unique end-to-end transaction reference number (UETR) and send an update of the payment’s status to the SWIFT tracker (only accessible to banks for the time being). 
  4. All incoming gpi payments will immediately be credited to your account. 

Currency conversions can also be sent/received as SWIFT gpi payments, however, the value date is D+2.

digital services: RBI Payment Tracker: Tracking International Payments Has Never Been Easier

End-to-end transparency for payments and fees: Track gpi payments and status, download payment confirmations. Plus: Incoming gpi payments are visible as soon they are initiated.

Our Dense Connections to National and International Payment Systems

RBI is connected to the following national and international payment systems:

Direct clearing member of the national clearing house. RBI offers other banks located in Austria a participation as "Leitwegbank".

SWIFT is the main provider of infrastructure and standards for the electronic data exchange in banking and is offering various products in the areas of business intelligence, KYC, compliance, etc. Recently, especially the development of gpi (global payments innovation) was a key factor for increasing transparency in global payments processing. RBI was among the pilot banks worldwide and the first Austrian bank to implement this standard for the benefit of its customers.

The Single Shared Platform is the central high value payment system of the ECB and mainly offers the processing of urgent customer payments and settlement payments in ancillary systems all around Europe. RBI is direct participant in this important infrastructure and offers its correspondent banks indirect participation.

The clearing infrastructure EURO1/STEP1 of the Euro Banking Association offers its participating banks an alternative to TARGET2. RBI has been member since 1999 and is processing a great part of its non-SEPA payment volumes in EUR for its clients. Correspondent banks of RBI might be interested in participating in STEP1 and using RBI as settlement bank.

STEP2 is the pan-European platform for exchanging SEPA transactions (SCT, SDD Core and SDD B2B). As direct participant from the very beginning of SEPA, RBI is offering its correspondent banks an indirect participation within STEP2.

In 2017, the first pan-European Instant Payments solution of EBA Clearing went live and RBI was one of the pioneering banks. Via instant payments funds can be made available within 10 seconds 24/7/365 and are based on the new SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCTInst) scheme managed by the European Payments Council. It is possible to reach banks in the whole SEPA area with a maximum transaction amount of EUR 100,000.

Since 2018, the European Central Bank is providing a uniform payment platform where SEPA Instant Credit Transfers (SCT Inst) can be processed. After EBA RT1 this is the second infrastructure for the processing of Instant Payments on an European level. RBI is a direct TIPS participant since April 2019.

RBI directly participates in the Swiss Interbank Clearing System SIX since May 2005 and actively processes incoming and outgoing payments in CHF through SIX.

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