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Cash Management Billing Solution

It’s all about the details: Keep track of your group-wide transaction fees – all in one place.

Your Benefits

Optimize transactions costs 

Cash Management Billing Solution provides you with a transparent overview of all fees for your payment transactions in a clear monthly statement. 

Versatile display options 

You can display the number of transactions, the fees, and evaluations for your accounts for different periods and easily export them. 

Group-Wide Transparency 

The neat monthly online overview works for all transactions, including the associated payment transactions for all previously connected network bank accounts. 

Secure access at all times 

With single-sign-on you can access CMBS via the myRaiffeisen platform and switch easily to other tools – secure and reliable. 

3 steps to transparency

Step 1: Login to CMBS via the single sign-on.
Step 2: Filter data by account/IBAN, date, bill ID or sort code to create overviews for specific accounts, time periods and payment products.
Step 3: Easily download summaries in a variety of formats like Excel, XML, camt.086 files or PDF. 

How to access our Cash Management 
Billing Solution

Our Cash Management Billing Solution is a service provided on myRaiffeisen - your online platform for corporate banking.

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