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Why work for RBI?

We have asked our staff to tell us what their reasons are.

Eight good reasons to choose RBI

What sets us apart as an employer? To find out what the main factors for working at RBI are, we have asked our employees to tell us what they think.

  • „RBI is a key player in Austria and a successful niche presence in CEE.“
  • „I am proud to say that RBI is an engine for economic growth in many countries.“
  • „After the fall of the Iron Curtain, it was a pioneering step to go into the countries undergoing a transformation process and to achieve such success in this environment.“

  • „I like working with our neighbouring countries. And the best thing is that many of our colleagues at the Vienna office come from these nations, so we really do have a multicultural environment.“
  • „You hear all sorts of languages in our canteen.“
  • „As well as enjoying the cultural diversity at head office, we also have a wide variety of international career opportunities in exciting regions.“

  • „We can really make a difference and have development opportunities in Austria and beyond.“
  • „There are great personal development opportunities. RBI puts flexibility and new ways of working into practice.“
  • „I can keep developing on a professional level, trying out new things and continuing to learn.“

With learning being one of the four values of RBI, the company has set itself a goal to become a 'Learning Organization'. Learning Organization stands for reshaping RBI's culture in a way that learning is in focus and all employees in the company continuously develop. In other words, learning is not considered as something we do in addition to our job, but as a natural habit, consciously integrated into our daily work life.

It means it's only YOU who can make an action plan that works for you and for your development. Learning Organization is here to support you on your journey.

Raiffeisen INSIDE spoke with Ulrike Potocki, Head of Learning Strategy, about the journey to get there, the next goals, her learning tips and what is meant by Conscious Leadership.

  • „We deal with a wide variety of exciting issues. They're not always straightforward, but this is what makes RBI really attractive to me.“
  • „Even after many years at the bank, there are still plenty of new and interesting challenges for me.“
  • „We have the freedom to make our own decisions and the chance to push ourselves towards fulfilling our potential. There is no stagnation here as there are always new issues to tackle.“

  • „There are plenty of options to help you strike a balance between your work and personal life.“
  • „I value the good training and development options on offer. For me, the biggest asset is the company kindergarten.“
  • „We are a small town in the city. From the shoe repair service to dry cleaning and massage services, RBI has tried to think of everything.“

RBI received the state certification workandfamily from Familie & Beruf Management GmbH for its family-friendly human resources policy.

As part of the audit, RBI is committed to implement a series of targeted measures within the next three years – thus we're expanding the existing family-friendly measures for our employees.

  • „The working atmosphere is simply unbeatable. I really enjoy having the chance to work with committed and professional colleagues.“
  • „I appreciate the positive atmosphere at work, which is built on trust, even in difficult situations. Many personal friendships also develop over the years.“
  • „You can feel the sense of togetherness, which means that every member of staff comes into the office with a smile on their face. And the smile is still there when they leave in the evening.“
Heike Mensi-Klarbach

Child and Career – Myth or manageable?

At the end of 2020, RBI received the state certification workandfamily for its family-friendly human resources policy. Raiffeisen INSIDE asked Heike Mensi-Klarbach, Head of Group People, Culture & Organization, about what prompted us to participate in the audit, whether you have to look where it hurts, how we define the term “family” at RBI and more.