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Investment & Subsidized Financing

We are your partner for financing your investment. In addition, we support you regarding subsidy programs and your optimal subsidized financing structure. 

Optimal Solutions Tailored to Your Business

Bring your investments to life with the support of our specialists.  

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Financing in cooperation with OeKB

Tailormade financing of your investments in export or foreign firms, with the support of OeKB.   

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Subsidy Programs

Unlock the business potential of subsidized finance. Find the perfect subsidy or subsidized financing solution that not only maximizes your benefits but also fuels your business growth.

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EU Funds Solutions

Leverage EU Funds for a smarter, greener, and more connected Europe. We’ll assist your company in finding optimal programs and customize financial structures for your investments.

An EU flag visible in front of skyscrapers, European Investment Bank

European Investment Bank

Flexible low-interest EU financing available through RBI, an EIB partner bank, for various sectors including energy, environment, innovation, transportation, healthcare, and education.

European Investment Bank (EIB)

Are you a mid-cap (up to 3,000 employees) and planning an investment in a European Union country? As a partner bank of the European Investment Bank and the associated refinancing option, we can provide you with attractive financing. Take advantage of the benefits of financing under a global framework.

Projects are financed in the following areas:

  • Renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmental and climate protection measures
  • Innovation
  • Research and development
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Healthcare
  • Education

Your benefits:

  • Financing up to 50% of the project costs, up to EUR 25 million
  • Attractive conditions
  • Flexible structuring options
  • Fast, unbureaucratic granting and management
  • Combination with other subsidies possible
  • Also possible for lease financing
  • Retroactive application max. 6 months after project completion possible
  • Signal effect: EIB financing is often seen as a seal of approval for other investors

For more information and tailor-made financing solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Two men standing on wind wheel, Credit Institute for Reconstruction

Credit Institute for Reconstruction (KfW)

KfW funds German companies and prioritizes German SMEs, energy efficiency, environmental protection, and operational innovation.

European Credit Institute for Reconstruction (KfW)

Are you a company with a connection to Germany or are you planning a project in Germany? Use the advantages of Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW).

Subsidies in the following areas:

  • Federal subsidy for efficient buildings (BEG) (263)
  • Climate-friendly new construction (KFN) (299)
  • Energy efficiency program for production plants/processes (292)
  • Renewable energy (270)
  • Environmental program (240)
  • Sustainable mobility (268, 269)
  • Federal funding for energy efficiency in the economy (295)
  • Climate protection offensive for companies/taxonomy (293)
  • KfW promotional loan – large SMEs (375, 376)
  • IKU – municipal and social enterprises (148)
  • Investment loan for digital infrastructure (206, 239)
  • KfW loan for growth (290)
  • Special program Ukraine Belarus Russia UBR 2022 – SMEs (089) and large companies (079)

Attractive refinancing:

  • Fixed interest rate and fixed repayment schedule
  • Subsidies possible – depending on the funding program

For more information and tailor-made financing solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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