We offer local expertise and tailor-made factoring solutions in 13 countries of our region.

Factoring in RBI Group

We are a leading banking group in Central and East Europe and active in 15 CEE countries, with head offices in Vienna. Our factoring units are spread over 13 countries of the region and deliver factoring expertise through our local bank network.

Factoring is a short term financing solution allowing clients to optimize their balance sheet and instant liquidity by minimizing credit risk. We offer factoring solutions which are modified and adapted according to local and global considerations to meet your needs most efficiently in the CEE region.

12 network banks

offer factoring in the CEE

More than 20 years

of history in the industry

Central coordination

for international corporate customers

Market leader in CEE

by volume of turnover

The CEE Factoring Solution provides a centrally managed approach with a groupwide Factoring Competence Center in Vienna (Raiffeisen Factor Bank) and local delivery by the factoring units of respective CEE network banks.

This way, we offer a “one stop shop approach” for international corporate customers, multinationals and clients with local operations in CEE countries that intend to streamline their financial needs for working capital.

Groupwide Coordination &        
Local Expertise

We provide factoring services

  • in 13 countries of the CEE region
  • to international corporate customers selling receivables in different legal environments


Advantages for international clients

  • standardized offer: one offer with clearly proposed local specifics
  • group-wide coordination: one contact for a CEE wide factoring relationship
  • flexible solution: all countries at once or step-by-step as you grow