Certificates – your modern investment solution

The diversity of certificates enables investors to match their individual yield objectives, risk appetite and investment horizon with the appropriate product features. With a constantly expanding product universe, certificates are a highly versatile and flexible investment instrument that covers current topics, such as sustainability. 

Added value for businesses

  • In a low interest rate environment, certificates can ensure attractive yields or yearly coupons
  • Tailor-made solutions regarding the duration, underlyings, currency and volume are possible
  • Different risk/return preferences can be mapped out
  • Very defensive payout profiles can be created, which also provide income in sideways or to a certain extent even in falling markets
  • Yields above the short-term market interest rate are possible with a large security buffer or capital protection.
  • A high degree of flexibility and transparency is always guaranteed by the tradability and stock exchange listing of the instruments

Raiffeisen Centrobank

  • Issuer of warrants and certificates since 1997
  • Largest Austrian provider of certificates
  • Largest market maker on the Vienna Stock Exchange
  • Outstanding expertise for the markets of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)
  • Award winning team in Austria & CEE with over 20 years of experience in certificates