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NEW: get your digital financing

You can now easily request your classical Overdraft Facility and a Trade Finance Facility for Guarantees and Import Letters of Credit online. In a transparent process, you can submit the necessary documents securely, negotiate with us, and even sign electronically.

Furthermore, you can communicate directly with your relationship manager via eFINANCE. We are one of the first business banks in Austria to offer you such a digital service, and together with you we want to constantly expand and improve our eFINANCE solutions. 

the digital way to online financing.

Initiate your inquiry online in a simple and structured way

Digital transmission of required data and documents.

transparent process

Intuitive and clear from application to limit activation.


Online communication with your relationship manager

sign digitally using e-SIGNATURE

Sign quickly, conveniently and securely using the free A-Trust Handy signature or xIDENTIY.

how does it work?

eFINANCE offers you the possibility to request an overdraft facility and short term advances or a trade finance facility for guarantees and import letters of credit online via myRaiffeisen.

Your steps in the credit process:

  • Fill in and send the application
  • Review, negotiate and accept the indicative term sheet
  • Review, negotiate, sign and send the credit agreement

why e-finance?

how it works

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