the future of kyc is digital

Welcome to the future: we have completely digitalised KYC!

Find out just how simple our digital KYC process is for your business. Our videos illustrate the new digital procedure. 

We are the first local bank to offer you e-KYC.

Data collection is completely digital.

The special service for you: all data is collected digitally and existing data sources are automatically included.

50% less effort.

As a result, we expect that you can save up to 50% of the required time! Valuable time is saved, which you can invest much better than into administrative tasks.

How does it work?

RBI provides you with a link to a clear, easy to use and secure web application. All existing data is already prepopulated in this file and you will be asked to complete it and update any missing documents. Ideally, the process is completed in just a few minutes.

For us, rethinking means questioning familiar processes and doing everything we can to continually improve our service for our customers!

why e-kyc?

how it works

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