Video ID
Video ID makes banking transactions more efficient.

Video Identification

Relationship with digital innovations.

As an international relationship bank, we focus on personal relationships, which means we focus on you! Digital innovations are important tools for making your banking transactions smarter, simpler and more cost-efficient. Video identification (video ID) is today’s modern, digital form of legitimizing your person. Or in other words: Notary meetings were yesterday.

Video ID makes banking transactions more efficient.

Do you think personal identification is outdated and would rather invest your precious time in your company’s core issues?

RBI is here to help you. From now on, you can identify yourself by video in a matter of minutes. Identification appointments with bank employees or notaries are now a thing of the past. This is all thanks to the "Identification & Verification Competence Center" at the RBI Head Office in Vienna, where our employees guide you personally through the process and complete the identification with you step by step.

The modern method of identification.

We are obligated to identify our customers in order to meet legal requirements. Simply having them send us a copy of their ID is not enough. Therefore, most identifications are done personally, either by a bank employee, a notary public or another qualified third party. Personal identification is always associated with time and money expenses. Here at RBI, we want to keep this to a minimum, which is why we have introduced video identification. Since we focus on relationships, we offer you personal support in the digital world. We make your banking transactions even more efficient, allowing you to save time and money. Your personal RBI Identification Agent will guide you through the video identification process step by step.

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