Corporate Governance and Remuneration

The term corporate governance implies the responsible management and control of a company aimed at achieving long-term growth in value.

Central Guidelines

Trusting and efficient cooperation of the various corporate bodies, protection of shareholder interests, and open and transparent communication are the central guidelines for Raiffeisen Bank International in implementing modern corporate governance. As a company listed on the stock exchange, Raiffeisen Bank International is committed to the principles of good and responsible corporate governance as set forth in the Austrian Corporate Governance Code and agrees to comply with them. These remarks on compliance with the Code refer to the new version of the Austrian Corporate Governance Code of January 2021.

Transparent Information Policy

Open and transparent communication with shareholders and the interested public is a special concern of Raiffeisen Bank International. We therefore offer extensive information on our website:

  • Ad hoc announcements, press releases, and IR mailings
  • Stock data: Share price chart and information
  • Analyst reports, including PDF files to download
  • Ordering and e-mail service: Requesting printed materials and joining the investor relations mailing list
  • Financial reports: Interim and annual reports
  • Financial calendar: Report publication dates and the annual meeting and dividend payment dates
  • Directors’ dealings
  • Articles of Association of Raiffeisen Bank International as PDF to download
  • Facts and figures: Strategy, shareholder structure and data overview

Declaration of Conformity

RBI attaches great importance to responsible and transparent business management in order to maintain the understanding and confidence of its various stakeholders – not least capital market participants. Hence, RBI is committed to adhering to the Austrian Corporate Governance Code (ACGC or “the Code”) as laid out in the version dated January 2021.

Corporate Governance Reports

Please find more information on our Corporate Governance Reports

Cover CG Report

corporate governance report

External Evaluation of the CG-Code

Corresponding to C Rule 62 of the Austrian CGC, as in previous years, RBI commissioned an external evaluation by the KPMG Austria GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungs- und Steuerberatungsgesellschaft.

Cover Evaluierungsbericht CG Kodex

External Evaluation of the CG-Code

Remuneration Report

Report on the remuneration of the members of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board of Raiffeisen Bank International AG in the 2020 financial year

Remuneration Policy

The remuneration policy was adopted by the Annual General Meeting on 20 October 2020, with 99.21 per cent of valid votes cast.

Articles of Association

You can download the Articles of Association of Raiffeisen Bank International as amended by resolution of the Annual General Meeting on 20 October 2020.

Management Bodies

The Management Bodies of RBI consist of:

  • Management Board
  • Supervisory Board
  • Annual General Meeting

Criteria for Independence

Criteria for Independence of Supervisory Board Members according to the Austrian Corporate Governance Code

The Supervisory Board of Raiffeisen Bank International stipulates following criteria for the independence of Supervisory Board members of the Company according to Rule 53 of the Austrian Corporate Governance Code.

Managers' Transactions reportable pursuant to Article 19 Market Abuse Regulation (MAR)

A list of reportable managers' transactions of the members of the Management Board and Supervisory Board, as well as persons closely associated with them, which were executed until 02.07.2016 (i.e. prior to the new provisions of MAR becoming effective) can be accessed via the Financial Market Authority's website under the following link (see RAIFFEISEN BANK INTERNATIONAL).

Stock Exchange Para. 75a

Please find below a list of documents which we have published according to Stock Exchange Act Paragraph 75a. This legal obligation was repealed by 01/01/2013.

Code of Conduct pursuant to art.7 Austrian LobbyG

Learn more about our Code of Conduct

Publications pursuant to sec. 65a of the Austrian Banking Act (BWG)

Publications concerning Corporate Governance and Remuneration pursuant to sec. 65a BWG